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MJ Busts Make Up Increasing Portion of All Arrests

leaf constitution

The number of weed busts in the United States has dropped steadily over the last 23 years, but according to a report in The Washington Post, those busts are becoming an ever-larger portion of all criminal arrests. Indeed, in the same period of time, the share of arrests for simple possession more than tripled. Currently, they account for more than ... Read More »

Wichita Reform Effort Gets More Time

Wichita Skyline

An effort to decriminalize weed in one of America’s most conservative cities isn’t quite dead yet, but backers face an uphill struggle to get their proposal on the ballot in the fall. Groups that support marijuana reform in Wichita, Kansas, gathered at a meeting where the Wichita City Council voted 7-0 to let supporters get help from the city’s legal ... Read More »

Colorado Man Sues County Fair Over Pot OD

Denver County Fair Pot Pavilion

A Colorado man who says he overdosed on marijuana candy is suing the operator of the fairground where he got the THC-laced chocolate. Jordan Coombs filed a lawsuit against the Denver County Fair Aug. 7, claiming organizers were negligent in allowing the vendor who sold the candy to operate a booth. The fair, which ran from Aug. 1-3, featured a ... Read More »

D.C. Will Vote on Legal Marijuana

U.S. Capitol

It’s official: Residents of the District of Columbia will decide in November whether they want to legalize marijuana for recreational use within city limits. Elections officials announced Aug. 6 that the question will appear on the general election ballot Nov. 4. The initiative is widely expected to pass in a city that overwhelmingly favors cannabis reform. The D.C. Board of ... Read More »