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D.C. Will Vote on Legal Marijuana

U.S. Capitol

It’s official: Residents of the District of Columbia will decide in November whether they want to legalize marijuana for recreational use within city limits. Elections officials announced Aug. 6 that the question will appear on the general election ballot Nov. 4. The initiative is widely expected to pass in a city that overwhelmingly favors cannabis reform. The D.C. Board of ... Read More »

Few Pennsylvania Pot Charges Result in Jail

Marijuana Handcuffs

Marijuana law is harsh in Pennsylvania. Possession of even small amounts is a misdemeanor, and there are strict penalties, ranging from 30 days to a year in jail. But in practice, most cannabis defendants are never incarcerated, according to a report by The Morning Call of Allentown, Pa. That’s because they typically plead to lesser charges and get probation instead. ... Read More »

Why Was Weed Banned in the First Place?

Marijuana Prison

Marijuana has been illegal for a long time. A very long time – far longer than alcohol during Prohibition. States started banning weed in the early 1900s, and the FDR administration followed with a total ban in 1937. Years later, cannabis was placed atop the government’s list of prohibited substances. By now, we all know the typical excuses for marijuana ... Read More »

Drone Crashes While Delivering Marijuana to Prisoners


An aerial drone packed with cellphones and marijuana crashed outside a South Carolina prison in April, authorities said in late July. The drone was apparently sent to drop the weed, phones, and other contraband inside the maximum-security Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville, S.C., corrections officials said. Authorities said they had one person in custody and were looking for another in ... Read More »