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Michigan judge Rejects Lawsuit to Reclassify Marijuana

A judge in Michigan rejected a lawsuit that sought to reclassify marijuana under federal law. Shawn Taylor, who faces charges he grew cannabis in four counties, joined other defendants in challenging their drug indictments. They said weed is misclassified as a dangerous drug and asked the court to force the government to change the drug’s classification. Marijuana is listed in ... Read More »

Suspects Toss Plants, Grow Lights Out the Window During Chase

Talk about ditching your weed. Two men were arrested after police said they chucked grow lights, cultivation equipment, and potted marijuana plants out their car window during a high-speed chase in central Michigan. The driver, 21, and his passenger, 17, both were arrested in Mouth Pleasant, Mich., on suspicion of marijuana possession and manufacture. The driver could face additional charges ... Read More »

Wisconsin Police Chief: State Should Legalize

Wisconsin isn’t likely to legalize pot anytime soon, but the police chief in one of the state’s largest and most liberal cities endorsed the idea in September. Chief Mike Koval of the Madison Police Department told a local newspaper the war on drugs has been an “abject failure,” especially its focus on marijuana as a “dangerous” drug. “We’ve done such ... Read More »

Nevada Regents Ban MMJ on Campus

Medical marijuana patients will no longer be allowed to use their medication at state colleges and universities in Nevada, the state Board of Regents decided in September. The board voted Sept. 4 to ban medical weed at the state’s public universities and colleges. There are five public colleges, two public universities, and one research institute. Only researchers will now be ... Read More »