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Pot Charges Dropped Against Subway Vigilante

Pot charges against New York vigilante Bernhard “Bernie” Goetz were were dropped in September. New York City police arrested Goetz in December and charged him with selling $30 worth of weed to an undercover cop in Union Square Park. Prosecutors offered him a plea that would require 10 days of community service, but he turned them down. Goetz said he ... Read More »

Iowa Patient Gets Probation

An Iowa judge sentenced a medical marijuana patient to probation in early September, sparing the man a possible 15-year prison sentence. Judge Henry Latham sentenced Benton Mackenzie, 48, to three years of probation so he can continue to receive medical care for his cancer. Mackenzie has angiosarcoma, a rare cancer that afflicts the blood vessels. Latham issued Mackenzie a suspended ... Read More »

New York Could Legalize Weed Next Year

New York hit a big milestone earlier this year, when Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana. Now, pot advocates are pushing from something even bigger: legal recreational weed. State Sen. Liz Krueger, also a Democrat, plans to introduce a bill during next year’s legislative session that would make all marijuana legal in the nation’s second-most ... Read More »

Inmates Smuggle Weed Using Grandmother’s Coffin

Authorities in Georgia said two inmates tried to smuggle marijuana into the prison using their dead grandmother’s casket. Emma Mae Faulk of Macon died Aug. 24 at 74 years old. Her body was shown for viewings at the Bentley Brothers Funeral Home. Two of her grandsons, Henry Ison Rouse, 27, and Nekoase Antwan Vinson, 30, were escorted from jail to ... Read More »