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Minnesota Woman Charged for Giving MMJ to Ill Son

Authorities in Minnesota, a state that has adopted medical marijuana, have charged a mother with child endangerment after she gave MMJ to her severely ill son. Angela Brown of Madison, Minn., said she and her husband, David, chose to use medical weed on their 15-year-old son, Trey, who suffered a traumatic brain injury at a baseball game three years ago. ... Read More »

Texas Makes Another Big Weed Bust

Authorities in Texas, who recently made one of the state’s biggest pot busts, stumbled on another startling marijuana find in August. The marijuana farm itself was nothing to write home about: 11,500 plants on two acres. Earlier this month, police in East Texas uncovered a cannabis grow site with 100,000 plants, one of the largest raids in the state’s history. ... Read More »

“Pot Playboy” Sentenced to 27 Years for Drug Crimes

The “Playboy of Pot,” a Canadian marijuana trafficker who supplied weed to the East Coast of the United States, was sentenced to 27 years in federal prison, according to prosecutors. Jimmy Cournoyer, 34, was sentenced in a Brooklyn federal courthouse in August. He pleaded guilty last year to drug and money-laundering charges, including conspiracy to manufacture and distribute cocaine and ... Read More »

Florida Men Could Get Life Sentence for Weed

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It’s happening again. Two Florida men busted in Oklahoma now faces life in prison over marijuana that was purchased legally. Robert Shepard and Andrew Mason were stopped in early July for tailgating while driving through Oklahoma. This is one of several common bogus allegations police use when they have no legal cause to pull over motorists. The officers said the ... Read More »