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Inmates Smuggle Weed Using Grandmother’s Coffin

Authorities in Georgia said two inmates tried to smuggle marijuana into the prison using their dead grandmother’s casket. Emma Mae Faulk of Macon died Aug. 24 at 74 years old. Her body was shown for viewings at the Bentley Brothers Funeral Home. Two of her grandsons, Henry Ison Rouse, 27, and Nekoase Antwan Vinson, 30, were escorted from jail to ... Read More »

Washington Judge: Small City Can Ban Pot Shops

A small Washington community whose leaders are trying to recriminalize weed statewide won an initial victory in court in late August, though they didn’t convince a judge to overturn the law that makes marijuana legal. Pierce County Superior Court Judge Ronald Culpepper ruled that Initiative 502, the law that legalized pot, doesn’t prevent the small city of Fife from banning ... Read More »

Man Calls Police, Says Police Stole His Pipe

A Washington man who apparently lost his marijuana pipe made the situation much worse when he called police to report they had stolen it. That’s right, he told the police the police stole his pipe. The man, whose name wasn’t immediately released by police, smoked some meth to calm himself (!?) and, as he later claimed, was robbed by a ... Read More »