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Oregon Governor’s Fiancée Bought Land for Weed Grow

The fiancée of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber once bought land to grow a marijuana garden with a now-ex-boyfriend, a Portland news station reported in October. Cylvia Hayes, who is engaged to Kitzhaber, put a $15,000 down payment on a $245,000 property she and her boyfriend wanted to buy in Washington. But after taking possession in November 1997, the couple stopped ... Read More »

Italian Army to Grow Weed

Medical marijuana supplies are running low in Italy, so the country’s government has turned to an unusual source: the army. The Italian army will start growing medical weed in a high-security military lab in Florence, the government said. Officials say the plan will provide affordable, legal, and safe marijuana to patients. Medical cannabis is very expensive in Italy, with patients ... Read More »

SUV Full of Weed Gets Stuck Crossing Rio Grande

Mexican drug smugglers tried to drive a load of marijuana across the border in October but failed when their truck got stuck halfway into the Rio Grande River. The smugglers apparently thought they could make it across the river in an SUV loaded with pot. But when they became stuck, they ditched the weed and fled. Border Patrol agents in ... Read More »

DEA Threatens U.S. Investors Who Fund Medical Cannabis in Canada

The DEA is threatening to investigate Americans who invest in medical marijuana north of the border. Agency spokesman Rusty Payne said in October that DEA agents are “most interested in those types of activities.” It’s not clear whether any of the investors have broken the law, but some experts say investment in Canadian medical marijuana could be a violation of ... Read More »