Friday, May 25, 2018
New York City fire in grow house

NYC Busts Marijuana Grow

Authorities in New York City busted what they described as a massive marijuana grow in early October. The raid Oct. 3 uncovered a pot farm...
Denver police need more space to store confiscated marijuana

Denver Cops Are Running Out of Space for Marijuana

Colorado voters legalized marijuana in 2012, a move many said would lead to less illegal cultivation of the drug. But police in Denver now...
Clayton Fire, California

Northern California Blaze Starts with Pot Plants

A large wildfire that burned dozens of homes in Northern California last year started with an illegal marijuana grow, authorities said recently. But two...
Feds wont prosecute for 1g marijuana

Feds Won’t Prosecute Over 1 Gram of Pot

Prosecutors said in August that they would not pursue federal charges against an American Indian man arrested in Oregon for possession of roughly a...
Marijuana Cultivation

Marijuana Grows Are the New “Meth Houses,” DEA Says

The DEA is not exactly known for taking smart positions on drug use and criminal justice reform. So it should come as little surprise...
Kansas Statehouse Topeka

Reduced Marijuana Penalties in Kansas

Although it may seem hard to believe, the statutory penalties for possession of marijuana went down in Kansas effective July 1, 2016. It is...
Cannabis Arrest

$15 Million Pot Trafficking Ring Busted

Authorities in New York said they broke up a major marijuana-smuggling ring that shipped $15 million worth of the drug from California over the...
Santa Ana Dispensary Raid

California Cops Fired for Nibbling on Weed During Raid

Three Southern California police officers were fired for stealing cannabis edibles during a raid on a medical marijuana dispensary last year. Santa Ana officers Brandon...
Texas Marijuana Farm

Massive Pot Farm Discovered in Texas

Game wardens uncovered a massive, multi-million dollar marijuana farm in Texas in late June, leading authorities to uproot tens of thousands of plants. No...
Marijuana Charges - Should You Get a Lawyer?

So You’ve Been Arrested: Should You Get a Lawyer?

An arrest for a simple marijuana crime may not seem like a big deal - after all, who really cares that you enjoy smoking...