Friday, May 25, 2018
Medical marijuana likely to come to Florida

Is Second Time the Charm for MMJ in Florida?

The last time activists tried to legalize medical marijuana in Florida, it didn't end well. Voters strongly supported the idea - just not strongly...
Chelsea Clinton Marijuana

Chelsea Clinton “Misspoke” by Saying Marijuana Kills

Chelsea Clinton admitted she was wrong when she suggested in September that marijuana can kill if it's mixed with other drugs. A campaign spokeswoman for...
Medical Marijuana Reduces Opiate Addiction

Marijuana Could Cut Opiate Abuse

New research shows a decline in the use of opioid painkillers in US states that allow people to treat pain with medical marijuana, affirming...
Medical marijuana doctor

New York Loosens Medical Marijuana Rules

Life could soon get at least a bit easier for medical marijuana patients in New York State. State officials announced in August that they would...
Marijuana treats opiate addiction

Marijuana Increasingly Used to Treat Opiate Addiction

Marijuana has long shown promise as an effective painkiller, and that could prove to be a lifesaver - not only for patients who suffer...

Does Marijuana Really Cause Laziness? Study Says Yes

If you reject the myth that marijuana makes people lazier, you may be surprised to learn it's not such a myth, at least according...
Marijuana Myths

Busting Some Marijuana Myths

The science of marijuana is fertile ground for myths. Whether it's misguided beliefs about the physical dangers of smoking cannabis or false assumptions about...
Colorado campaign educates children on marijuana

Colorado Fights Underage Marijuana Use

Colorado’s Health Department hopes talks from adult role models can help keep kids away from marijuana, and it has launched a new ad campaign...
Cannabis and chronic pain

Pain: Does Pot Work Better for Men Than Women?

Gender inequity extends to the cannabis plant, apparently. A new study suggests marijuana may be more effective at treating chronic or severe pain in men...
Can Marijuana Really Kill?

Actually, Marijuana Can Kill (Sort of)

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson repeated a common claim about marijuana in August, arguing that it's far safer than prescription drugs because they kill...