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PennsylvaniaResidents of Pennsylvania should familiarize themselves with the local paraphernalia laws in order to avoid paying fines or serving time in jail.

Here is Pennsylvania’s Health & Safety Code 780-113 in its entirety.



Pennsylvania Marijuana Laws
Offense Penalty Incarceration   Max. Fine  
30g or less misdemeanor 30 days $500
More than 30g misdemeanor 1 year $5,000
First possession conviction is eligible for conditional release. Subsequent conviction can lead to a doubled penalty.
Sale or Distribution
30g or less for no remuneration misdemeanor 30 days $500
2 - 10 lbs felony 1 year* $5,000
10 - 50 lbs felony 3 year* $25,000
Less than 1000 lbs felony 3 years $25,000
More than 1000 lbs felony 10 years $100,000
Within 1000 ft of a school or within 250 ft of recreational playground punishable by 2-4 years in prison.
To a minor, or after a previous drug conviction, brings doubled penalties.
Courts are authorized to increase the maximum fine to exhaust all proceeds from drug sales.
* Mandatory minimum sentence
10 - 21 plants felony 1 year* $5,000
22 - 51 plants felony 3 years* $15,000
* Mandatory minimum sentence
Hash & Concentrates
Possession of 8 g or less misdemeanor 30 days $500
Possession of more than 8 g misdemeanor 1 year $5,000
Manufacture felony 5 years $15,000
Penalties for selling or trafficking hashish or concentrates are the same as the trafficking penalties for marijuana. Please see the marijuana penalties section for further details.
Possession or sale of paraphernalia misdemeanor 1 year $2,500
To a minor at least 3 years younger misdemeanor 2 year $5,000
Suspension of driving privileges upon receiving a conviction of any offense involving the possession, sale, delivery of any controlled substance.