WyomingDo you live in Wyoming? If so, you should learn your state’s marijuana laws.  By researching local paraphernalia laws, you can better protect yourself from harsh penalties and fines. 

Wyoming Marijuana Laws
Offense Penalty Incarceration   Max. Fine  
Being under the influence misdemeanor 90 days $100
Less than 3 oz misdemeanor 1 year $1,000
More than 3 oz felony 5 years $10,000
Within 500 feet of a school is punishable by an additional $500 fine.
Sale or Distribution
Any amount felony 10 years $10,000
Any amount misdemeanor 6 mos $1,000
Hash & Concentrates
Possession of less than .3 g liquid misdemeanor 1 year $1,000
Possession of more than .3 g liquid felony 5 years $10,000
Possession of less than 3 g crystalline misdemeanor 1 year $1,000
Possession of more than 3 g crystalline felony 5 years $10,000
Manufacture, deliver, or possession with intent felony 10 years $10,000
Possession of paraphernalia not classified 6 mos $750
Convicted persons who are under 19 years shall have their driver's license suspended for 90 days - 1 year.

Here is a copy of Wyoming’s Public Helath & Safety ode 35-7-1056.  For additional information, look up 35-7-1057 as well.

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