Monday, October 22, 2018


Public consumption spaces

Push To Legalize Cannabis Consumption Spaces Underway In Oregon

Bars that serve alcohol are common in Oregon, but public places for the consumption of marijuana remain illegal. This may change, however, as at...
Study finds legalization reduces black market demand

Legal Marijuana Reduces Illicit Market Demand, Study Finds

Two recent studies support ordinary intuition about behavioral economics and the marijuana market. The studies found that people prefer to buy their marijuana legally,...
Rural Nevada not embracing legal marijuana

Rural Nevada Failing To Embrace Recreational Marijuana

Nevada voters approved medical marijuana by initiative in 2000 and adult use in the same way in 2016. The adult use market opened on...
LAX allows passengers carry cannabis

LAX Now Allows Passengers to Carry Marijuana

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has announced a new marijuana policy that reflects the legality of possession in California and elsewhere. Passengers in possession...



Governor’s Veto of Marijuana Bill Overridden by Maine State Legislature

On May 2, Maine’s Democratic House and Republican Senate surpassed the necessary two-thirds vote to override Govenor Paul LePage’s veto of LD1719, a bill...