Wednesday, August 22, 2018


T J Donovan Vermont AG

Vermont AG Rules It Illegal for Businesses to Gift Marijuana

On July 23, the attorney general of Vermont issued an advisory that it is illegal to give marijuana as part of a commercial transaction....

Cannabis Is Legal In Massachusetts and Vermont, but There’s Still No...

In November 2016, voters in Massachusetts approved Question 4, an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. And in January 2018, Governor Phil...
Joint Rivers dispensary drive through Washington

Drive-Through Pot Dispensary Opens in Washington State

As long as marijuana remains illegal under federal law, dispensaries are at risk of being raided and shut down. As a result, many dispensaries...

Rhode Island Now Allows Former Marijuana Offenders to Expunge Criminal Records

In early July, Governor Gina M. Raimondo signed a bill that allows Rhode Islanders to expunge their marijuana convictions for possession of an ounce...



Governor’s Veto of Marijuana Bill Overridden by Maine State Legislature

On May 2, Maine’s Democratic House and Republican Senate surpassed the necessary two-thirds vote to override Govenor Paul LePage’s veto of LD1719, a bill...