Friday, November 27, 2020


Arizona votes legalize marijuana

Arizona Votes to Legalize Marijuana Second Time Round

After narrowly rejecting a similar measure in 2016, Arizona voters this time round comprehensively approved a ballot proposal to legalize recreational marijuana...
Kansas voters support marijuana legalization

New Poll Shows a Large Majority of Kansas Voters Support Marijuana...

A new poll found Kansas resident are in favor of adult-use marijuana legalization by a margin of three to one.
New Zealand Marijuana Legalization Result

New Zealand Marijuana Legalization Vote: Early Results Indicate Initiative Set to...

Preliminary results from New Zealand’s referendum on recreational marijuana legalization indicate the measure has been rejected by voters, though 17 percent of...
Michigan marijuana expungement bill

Michigan Gov Signs Marijuana Expungement Bill as Part of Broader Criminal...

As part of a broad criminal justice reform package, Michigan’s governor signed a bill into law that enables people with low-level cannabis...


low flying helicopter smugging cannabis busted by police

Low-Flying Helicopter Used to Smuggle Cannabis from Canada to US

Canadian law enforcement arrested four men who flew a helicopter at low altitude to smuggle cannabis across the US-Canada border.