Wednesday, December 12, 2018


America's Racist War on Drugs

America’s Racist War On Drugs

President Richard Nixon declared war on drugs in June 1971. At the time, the United States was fighting a literal war in Vietnam that...
Marijuana now on sale Massachusetts

Recreational Marijuana Now On Sale In Massachusetts

Two years after voters approved recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, sales began on November 20. Customers lined up early in the morning in the rain...
Marijuana legalization Michigan

Marijuana Legalization in Michigan: What You Need To Know

On November 13, voters in Michigan approved an adult use initiative, Proposal 1, with almost 56% in favor. In summary, the initiative will: “Allow...
117lbs marijuana traffic stop Idaho

117 Pounds of Marijuana Found During Traffic Stop In Idaho

Marijuana remains completely illegal in Idaho, unlike two bordering states, Washington and Oregon, where medical cannabis and adult use are legal. Idaho’s marijuana laws...



Governor’s Veto of Marijuana Bill Overridden by Maine State Legislature

On May 2, Maine’s Democratic House and Republican Senate surpassed the necessary two-thirds vote to override Govenor Paul LePage’s veto of LD1719, a bill...