Monday, November 18, 2019


support marijuana legalization holds steady

US Support For Legalization Holds Steady In Past Year, Gallup Poll...

It seems the recent outbreak of vaping-related deaths and injuries has had no impact on public support for marijuana legalization in the...
study marijuana legalization spillover effect

Study: Marijuana Legalization Does Not Cause ‘Spillover Effect’ In Neighboring States

States that legalize marijuana do not cause a “spillover effect” in neighboring prohibition states by impacting law enforcement resources, according to a...
wisconsin medical marijuana legalization

Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Bill Faces Stiff Opposition In The Senate

Wisconsin lawmakers have once again submitted a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. Aside from allowing...
pennsylvania expedites low level marijuana conviction expungement

Pennsylvania Implements Expedited Pardon Process For Those With Low-Level Marijuana Convictions

Pennsylvania has introduced an expedited process to have low-level marijuana convictions expunged from an individual's criminal record. The Pennsylvania...


regulation effect black market cannabis

Do Burdensome State Regulations Allow The Black Market To Thrive?

Heavy-handed state regulations may be why black markets for marijuana persist after legalization, according to new exploratory research looking at the experiences...