Friday, November 16, 2018


Indiana considers medical marijuana

Indiana Legislators Considering Medical Marijuana

A poll of Indiana voters shows overwhelming support for medical marijuana, but in October in the statehouse, a legislative committee appointed to study the...
Georgia voters want legalization

Poll: Majority of Georgia Voters Want Legal Cannabis

A recent poll of Georgia voters finds that 55 percent favor adult-use legalization and only 33 percent oppose it, with 12 percent not sure....
Canada legalized marijuana nationwide

Canada Becomes Largest Country with Nationwide Legalization

On October 16, Canada became the second country to fully legalize marijuana. Uruguay was the first. After distributing hemp seeds freely to farmers at the...
How to get marijuana in Washington DC

How to Get Marijuana in Washington D.C.

In Washington, D.C., recreational marijuana is legal but not necessarily easy to obtain because the law does not allow for sales. With medical marijuana,...



Governor’s Veto of Marijuana Bill Overridden by Maine State Legislature

On May 2, Maine’s Democratic House and Republican Senate surpassed the necessary two-thirds vote to override Govenor Paul LePage’s veto of LD1719, a bill...