New Mexico Judge Rules Incarcerated Patients Have A Right to Use Medical Marijuana

A New Mexico judge ruled a detention center in Albuquerque cannot penalize qualifying medical marijuana patients for accessing cannabis while incarcerated. District Court Judge Lucy Solimon’s ruling concerns the case of Joe Montaño, who recently served a 90-day sentence in home confinement. During his incarceration, correctional officers found him in [...]

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Seven in Ten Americans Support Expunging Past Cannabis Convictions, Poll Finds

A supermajority of Americans support expungement of marijuana-related criminal records, according to a new YouGov survey. The pollsters asked 7,141 adults if they “support or oppose expunging marijuana-related convictions for non-violent offenders?” Seven in ten of respondents favor the move, while 46 percent said they strongly support doing so. This [...]

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Arizona Prosecutors Drop Existing Marijuana Possession Charges as Legalization Takes Effect

Arizona’s voter-approved ballot initiative to legalize marijuana took effect on November 30, 2020, while most of the state’s elected county attorneys confirmed they’ve now dropped all cannabis possession cases. Prior to legalization, Arizona was one of a handful of states that allowed felony charges to be brought against a person [...]

2020-12-14T04:55:54-07:00December 14, 2020|

Colorado Gov Pardons 2,732 Cannabis Possession Convictions

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed an executive order to pardon 2,732 people convicted of possessing up to one ounce of marijuana in the state prior to legalization in 2012. Gov. Polis’ action follows the General Assembly’s approval of a bill in June that included an amendment allowing the governor to [...]

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Low-Flying Helicopter Used to Smuggle Cannabis from Canada to US

Canadian law enforcement arrested four men who flew a helicopter at low altitude to smuggle cannabis across the US-Canada border. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Ontario and Quebec made the arrests as part of a 16-month joint investigation with US Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Ontario Provincial Police into [...]

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Virginia Legislature Approves Multiple Marijuana Reform Bills, Considers Broader Legalization

Virginia lawmakers have been busy approving a raft of limited marijuana reform legislation during a special summer session, with full cannabis legalization also under consideration. So far in the session, the Virginia Senate passed a bill that would prohibit law enforcement from stopping and searching a vehicle, or seizing property, [...]

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