Monday, November 18, 2019
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Based in San Francisco, Matt is a journalist who has specialized in marijuana policy for more than five years. He provides regular news coverage on and
julian castro marijuana legalization expungement

Presidential Candidate Julian Castro Announces Plan For Marijuana Legalization And Expungement If Elected

2020 Democratic candidate Julián Castro said he would legalize marijuana, expunge past cannabis-related convictions, and allocate funds to communities most harmed by the War on Drugs if he were elected president.
impeachment marijuana reform

GOP Congressman Concerned Impeachment Could Affect Marijuana Reform

This year has been a landmark one for federal-level marijuana reform, with the 116th Congress proving to be the most cannabis-friendly to date. After passing an amendment to protect...
marijuana legalization bill pennsylvania

Sweeping Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania lawmakers have introduced a comprehensive marijuana legalization bill which pretty much reads as a wishlist of just about everything a pro-cannabis reform advocate would want. Senate Bill S50...
mexico senate marijuana legalization

Mexican Senate Committees Agree To Marijuana Legalization Bill

A long-awaited Mexican Senate vote on a marijuana legalization bill has been delayed while its provisions are reviewed by a multi-party panel seeking to build consensus. Several Mexican Senate...
support marijuana legalization holds steady

US Support For Legalization Holds Steady In Past Year, Gallup Poll Finds

It seems the recent outbreak of vaping-related deaths and injuries has had no impact on public support for marijuana legalization in the US, according to the latest Gallup survey.
usda hemp rules

USDA Issues Hemp Rules

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its proposed rules governing the commercial production of hemp at the end of October, bringing the 2018 Farm Bill significantly closer to realization.
marijuana arrests increasing

Cannabis Arrests Rise For Third Consecutive Year, FBI Data Reveals

Eleven states have legalized marijuana, others have passed decriminalization measures, and several recent polls indicate that a clear majority of Americans support ending federal prohibition. But still the number of US marijuana...
Rudy Giuliani Ukraine Associates

Rudy Giuliani’s Ukrainian Associates Donated To Candidates, Sought Nevada Cannabis Licenses

Two Ukrainian associates of Rudy Giuliani arrested last month were seemingly not content with seeking influence in US elections and President Trump’s inner circle. They also wanted to get a hold of...
new yorkers want legal marijuana

New Yorkers Want Legalized Marijuana, New Poll Shows

A majority of New Yorkers support marijuana legalization, according to a new survey. More than 800 adults in New York were asked in phone interviews or online surveys between...
house approves safe marijuana banking bill

House Approves Marijuana Banking Bill With Bipartisan Support

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve legislation that would allow financial institutions to provide their services, free from federal interference, to state-legal marijuana businesses. The Secure and...