Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Based in San Francisco, Matt is a journalist who has specialized in marijuana policy for more than five years. He provides regular news coverage on and
ilhan omar calls for federal legalization

Congresswoman Calls For Federal Marijuana Legalization

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) voiced her support for marijuana legalization at the federal level to ensure that individual states can no longer enforce prohibition to the detriment of communities of color, while...
north dakota legalization effort

North Dakota Marijuana Legalization Advocates Try Again

After voters rejected a ballot initiative last year in North Dakota to legalize marijuana, the advocacy group which spearheaded the proposal is working on another effort. Legalize ND is...
indiana marijuana smuggling

Will Interstate Marijuana Trafficking Be A Problem For Indiana?

With Indiana holding firm on marijuana prohibition while its neighboring states enact reforms, the Midwest could be heading for a showdown between legal and black cannabis markets. Illinois Gov....
Pot-Sniffing Dogs Cannot Be Used Without Probable Cause

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Pot-Sniffing Dogs Cannot Be Used Without Probable Cause

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that probable cause is required before subjecting individuals to sniff tests from dogs trained to alert police to the presence of marijuana. Before, the...
kirsten gillibrand marijuana legalization plan

This 2020 Presidential Candidate Actually Has a Plan for Legalization

While nearly all of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have committed to descheduling marijuana at the federal level, few have said how they will do it and what a post-prohibition U.S. may...
new york decriminalize marijuana

New York Legislature Decriminalizes Marijuana

New York legislators have voted in favor of a marijuana decriminalization bill, which removes criminal penalties for possession and use of small amounts of cannabis. The move follows Gov. Cuomo's failure to...
job applicants marijuana nevada

Job Applicants In Nevada Can’t Be Rejected Because Of Marijuana Use

In early June, Nevada lawmakers introduced a new law that will prohibit employers from using marijuana test results as a reason to reject prospective employees. The anti-discrimination measure emerges at a time...
cory booker promises clemency drug offenders prison

Cory Booker Promises To Grant Clemency To Thousands Of Nonviolent Drug War Offenders

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), one of a crowded field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, pledged to immediately grant clemency to more than 11,000 individuals currently in federal prison for marijuana-related offenses if...
vote prevent federal interference legal states

Congressional Vote Would Prevent Federal Interference In Legalized States

In a momentous vote, a Congressional chamber approved a bipartisan amendment that would halt federal interference in states with legal marijuana programs. On June 20, 2019, the House of...
Illinois marijuana legalization

Illinois Marijuana Legalization: What You Need To Know

Illinois is about to become the eleventh state in the U.S. to legalize adult-use cannabis, and the first to do so through the legislature, rather than by a voter-approved ballot initiative.