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Based in San Francisco, Matt is a journalist who has specialized in marijuana policy for more than five years. He provides regular news coverage on and

The 5 Legalization Battlegrounds of 2016

Nov. 8 is shaping up to be a very big day for marijuana in America. That may be hard to see amid the chaos that is the 2016 presidential race, but five states will...
Marijuana arrrests

Marijuana Leads to More Arrests Than Violent Crime

Police arrest more people for possession of small amounts of cannabis than they do for all violent crimes combined, a new study reports. The news comes even as states increasingly move toward drug and...
Strong Support for Legal Marijuana

Poll Shows Growing Support for Legal Pot

Support for legalizing marijuana has been growing in the United States for decades - and nothing in recent years has slowed that progress, a new poll shows. The survey, released Oct. 12 by the Pew...
Medical marijuana likely to come to Florida

Is Second Time the Charm for MMJ in Florida?

The last time activists tried to legalize medical marijuana in Florida, it didn't end well. Voters strongly supported the idea - just not strongly enough. Florida state law requires a vote of at least 60...
New York City fire in grow house

NYC Busts Marijuana Grow

Authorities in New York City busted what they described as a massive marijuana grow in early October. The raid Oct. 3 uncovered a pot farm in the Bronx that would be relatively small by Colorado...
Chances of legaliaztion are looking strong in these five states

Polls: Legalization Ahead in Every State

Marijuana legalization will be on the ballot in five states next month, and the odds are looking increasingly good every one of them could pass it. Recent polls show voters in each of the five...
Denver police need more space to store confiscated marijuana

Denver Cops Are Running Out of Space for Marijuana

Colorado voters legalized marijuana in 2012, a move many said would lead to less illegal cultivation of the drug. But police in Denver now say there's so much illicit product flooding the market they're...
Chelsea Clinton Marijuana

Chelsea Clinton “Misspoke” by Saying Marijuana Kills

Chelsea Clinton admitted she was wrong when she suggested in September that marijuana can kill if it's mixed with other drugs. A campaign spokeswoman for the former first daughter said Clinton "misspoke" when she said...
Marijuana Reform on the East Coast

Reform Moves East: Maine, Massachusetts to Vote on Legal Weed

The last few years of marijuana reform have revealed at least one curiosity of American geography and politics: It's much easier to legalize pot in the West than anywhere else. That, at least, has been...
Nashville decriminalizes small possession of marijuana

Nashville Decriminalizes Marijuana

It is no longer a crime to carry small amounts of marijuana in one of America's most conservative cities. Officials in Nashville voted in September to decriminalize simple cannabis possession. Now, instead of facing misdemeanor...