Monday, January 21, 2019
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Based in San Francisco, Matt is a journalist who has specialized in marijuana policy for more than five years. He provides regular news coverage on and

Coloradans Still Back Legal Weed

Colorado voters legalized recreational marijuana four years ago, and time hasn't changed their minds. A poll released in September finds that Coloradans have few regrets in legalizing cannabis in 2012. The results are good news...
Medical Marijuana Reduces Opiate Addiction

Marijuana Could Cut Opiate Abuse

New research shows a decline in the use of opioid painkillers in US states that allow people to treat pain with medical marijuana, affirming the fears of Big Pharma who have been vigorously seeking...
Michigan wont vote to legalize

Michigan Won’t Get to Vote on Marijuana

A federal judge ended hopes that Michigan voters could decide this year whether to legalize marijuana for recreation. U.S. District Judge Linda Parker rejected a motion for a temporary injunction in September, an injunction that...
California Voter Support Is Strong

Californians Want to Legalize Marijuana: Poll

California voters will decide Nov. 8 whether they want to legalize marijuana statewide. So far, all signs point to yes. The odds got even better in September, with the release of a new poll showing...
College Students Cannabis Use

College Kids Use More MJ, Less Hard Stuff

College students these days use a lot more marijuana than their parents ever did, but a lot less of the hard drugs that plagued the Go-Go '80s, a new study finds. Data released Sept. 12...

Pot Shops Hire Veterans for Protection

Selling marijuana on the legal market is something less than the world's safest job. A mix of popular drugs, abundant cash, and legal uncertainty leave many pot shops at risk of burglary, robbery, and...
2016 Presidential Election

Nov. 8: The Biggest Day in Marijuana History?

One way or another, Nov. 8 will be a big day for marijuana. Whether reform advances, retreats, or holds its ground, Election Day will reshape the future for medical cannabis patients, recreational tokers, and...
Medical marijuana doctor

New York Loosens Medical Marijuana Rules

Life could soon get at least a bit easier for medical marijuana patients in New York State. State officials announced in August that they would overhaul medicinal cannabis regulations, allowing home delivery and giving nurse...
Marijuana treats opiate addiction

Marijuana Increasingly Used to Treat Opiate Addiction

Marijuana has long shown promise as an effective painkiller, and that could prove to be a lifesaver - not only for patients who suffer from chronic pain but also for opiate addicts. Dr. Daniele Piomelli,...

Does Marijuana Really Cause Laziness? Study Says Yes

If you reject the myth that marijuana makes people lazier, you may be surprised to learn it's not such a myth, at least according to a new study out of Canada. The report, released in...