Saturday, August 18, 2018

Rhode Island Now Allows Former Marijuana Offenders to Expunge Criminal Records

In early July, Governor Gina M. Raimondo signed a bill that allows Rhode Islanders to expunge their marijuana convictions for possession of an ounce...
DC popup marijuana parties

30 Arrested at a Marijuana Pop-up Event in DC

In the nation’s capital city, it is legal for a person who is 21 or older to possess up to two ounces of marijuana...
Michael Hancock among mayors calling for federal reform

Denver, Thornton Mayors Join Other City Leaders in Calling for Federal Marijuana Policy Reform

At the 86th Annual Meeting U.S. Conference of Mayors held June 8-11 in Boston, the nation’s mayors promulgated a resolution that calls on local...

Seattle Files Motion to Dismiss Marijuana Possession Convictions

On April 27, Jenny A. Durkan, the mayor of Seattle, and Pete Holmes, the city attorney, issued a press release announcing their intention to...
Rhode Island Drug Bust Biker Gang

Rhode Island Makes Record-Breaking Drug Bust

On May 23, the Rhode Island State Police raided nearly thirty locations simultaneously in a coordinated effort to arrest members of two motorcycle gangs....
Crime down in states with medical marijuana

Study Shows Reduced Crime in Border States with Medical Marijuana

According to a research report published by the Royal Economic Society, crime has gone down in U.S. southern border areas that have legalized medical...
Marijuana Plants Burned

700 Pounds of Weed Burned in Colorado

Authorities in rural Colorado burned about 700 pounds of illegal marijuana plants in October, they said. The plants were burned Oct. 11 in Penrose, in...
Marijuana arrrests

Marijuana Leads to More Arrests Than Violent Crime

Police arrest more people for possession of small amounts of cannabis than they do for all violent crimes combined, a new study reports. The...
New York City fire in grow house

NYC Busts Marijuana Grow

Authorities in New York City busted what they described as a massive marijuana grow in early October. The raid Oct. 3 uncovered a pot farm...
Denver police need more space to store confiscated marijuana

Denver Cops Are Running Out of Space for Marijuana

Colorado voters legalized marijuana in 2012, a move many said would lead to less illegal cultivation of the drug. But police in Denver now...