Friday, November 16, 2018
Mainee seeks marijuana consultant for adult use implementation

Maine Seeks Consultant To Advise On Setting Up Marijuana Markets

In mid-September, the state of Maine’s Department of Administrative and Financial Services issued a notice that it is seeking to hire a consultant to...

Colorado Ballot Initiative Would Redefine Industrial Hemp

In Colorado in November, voters will have the opportunity to approve Amendment X, a ballot initiative that would change the state’s legal definition of...
Marijuana industry massive growth

Marijuana Industry Could Be Worth $47 Billion in US Within A Decade

RBC Capital Markets, a global investment firm, released a message to its clients that is bullish on marijuana. The message states: “The legal cannabis...

Massachusetts Cannabis Regulators Urge Municipalities to Lessen Demands on Businesses

Recreational marijuana became legal in Massachusetts in 2016, but implementation of a regulated market has resulted in conflict between municipalities and the state government. In...
T J Donovan Vermont AG

Vermont AG Rules It Illegal for Businesses to Gift Marijuana

On July 23, the attorney general of Vermont issued an advisory that it is illegal to give marijuana as part of a commercial transaction....
California marijuana regulations

First Draft of California’s New Recreational Marijuana Regulations Released

On July 13, California’s marijuana regulatory agency, the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), published the proposed set of regulations that it plans to adopt...
Edibles or bud

Cannabis Consumers Seeking Edibles over Smokable Products, Report Indicates

Deloitte, a multinational network of consultants, accountants, and financial advisors, has released a 2018 report on the business of cannabis. The report paints a...
California marijuana dispensaries reducing prices

California Dispensaries Are Slashing Prices to Empty Inventory before New Regulations

California’s legal marijuana market changed significantly on July 1, 2018, when new testing regulations took effect. Dispensaries across the state had noncompliant inventory that...
Senate Committee Kills Bill Protecting Banks Serving Marijuana Businesses

Senate Committee Kills Amendment that Would Protect Banks that Serve Cannabis Businesses

In June, a U.S. Senate committee voted against moving forward on an amendment that would have offered protection to financial institutions that did business...
New York Marijuana Market Could be Worth 3.1 Billion

New York’s Legal Marijuana Market Could Be Worth an Estimated $3.1B, Says NYC Comptroller

In May, New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer released a report arguing for legalization of adult-use marijuana in New York. As may be...