Friday, February 21, 2020

Decriminalization Will Likely Make the Ballot in Wichita

An effort to decriminalize weed in one of the most conservative parts of the country will likely get onto the November ballot, surprising local...

House GOP Moves to Block Decriminalization in D.C.

Republican members of the House of Representatives moved in late June to block a new Washington, D.C., ordinance that decriminalizes marijuana. The House Appropriations Committee...

Americans agree: Marijuana shouldn’t be criminalized

Despite decades of propaganda from marijuana prohibitionists, a majority of the American public has indeed said "enough" to the policies of cannabis criminalization. And no amount of fear-mongering is going to change this fact. Writing in a just-published report by the Brookings Institute, "The New Politics of Legalization," authors E.J. Dionne and William Galston conclude, "In less than a decade, public opinion has shifted dramatically toward support for the legalization of marijuana.