Saturday, September 26, 2020
nebraska medical marijuana bill legal challenge

Nebraskan Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative Faces a Legal Challenge in The Supreme Court

State officials in Nebraska confirmed a measure to legalize medical marijuana garnered enough verified signatures to qualify for the November ballot but...
trump lose gain legalize cannabis

What Trump Could Gain (And Lose) By Legalizing Marijuana

President Trump has rarely commented publicly on marijuana legalization unless prompted. When asked his administration’s position on the issue, he generally says...
Arizona Marijuana Legalization Adult Use Ballot Initiative Qualifies 2020 Ballot

Arizona Marijuana Legalization: Adult Use Ballot Initiative Qualifies for 2020 Ballot

Arizona’s Secretary of State confirmed that a bill to legalize marijuana sales in the state will appear on November’s ballot.
Joe Biden Drug Courts

Joe Biden’s Drug Courts Plan Will Only Prolong The War on Drugs

Biden-Sanders task force calls for an end to the war on drugs but recommends drug court interventions that will disproportionately target people...
joe biden would give federal aid marijuana expungement

Biden Would Give Federal Funds to Help States Expunge Criminal Marijuana Records

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wants to provide federal funding to states interested in establishing an automatic expungement process for individuals...
Cannabis Legalization Omitted Draft 2020 Democratic Party Platform

Cannabis Legalization Amendment To Democratic 2020 Platform Rejected By Party Delegates

Democratic National Committee delegates voted against an amendment to the party’s 2020 draft policy platform that would include support for federal marijuana...
Congress Would Legalize Cannabis 2021 Despite Biden Opposition

Congress Would Legalize Cannabis in 2021 Despite Biden Opposition, According to Democratic Senator

If the Democrats win the Senate and White House in November, Congress will legalize marijuana even if the party’s presumptive presidential nominee...
arizona marijuana legalization novermber 2020 ballot

Arizona Activists Submit 420,000 Signatures to Put Legalization Initiative on November Ballot

It looks increasingly likely that Arizona voters will have their say on cannabis legalization in the state after marijuana reform activists submitted...
biden sanders task force decriminalization not enough

Biden-Sanders Task Force Members Argue That Decriminalization Isn’t Enough

Two appointees to a criminal justice task force established by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his former rival for the...
biden sanders working group

Could Sanders Convince Biden To Back Marijuana Legalization Through Joint Working Group?

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, who ended his campaign for the nomination earlier this month, announced plans...