Monday, November 11, 2019
marijuana arrests increasing

Cannabis Arrests Rise For Third Consecutive Year, FBI Data Reveals

Eleven states have legalized marijuana, others have passed decriminalization measures, and several recent polls indicate that a clear majority of Americans support...
house approves safe marijuana banking bill

House Approves Marijuana Banking Bill With Bipartisan Support

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve legislation that would allow financial institutions to provide their services, free from federal interference,...
sen ed markey

Democratic Senator Sponsors Three New Marijuana Legalization Bills

If you're a long-serving Democratic Senator seeking another re-election, and face a young, progressive challenger then it'd probably be wise to sign...
president influences opinion marijuana legalization

President Influences Public Attitudes Towards Marijuana Legalization, Study Finds

Whoever resides in the White House influences American attitudes towards marijuana legalization, according to a new study released in August.
cannabis access research dispensaries

Federal Agencies: Researchers Should Be Able To Obtain Cannabis From Dispensaries

Two federal agencies have written a joint letter to say that marijuana researchers should be able to obtain the drug from state-legal...
marijuana 1 to 3 act

‘Marijuana 1-to-3’ Act Would Federally Reschedule Cannabis

Two separate bills have been filed in Congress which would reschedule marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III under the Controlled Substances...
joe biden marijuana should be illegal misdemeanor

Joe Biden at Democratic Debate: Marijuana Should Remain Illegal As A Misdemeanor

The third Democratic debate revealed the gulf between former Vice President Joe Biden and every other contender for the party's 2020 presidential...
youth marijuana use declining federal report

Federal Report Shows Steady Decline In Youth Marijuana Use

The number of teenagers in the U.S who say they have used marijuana in the past year continues to fall steadily across...
trump support state level legalization

President Trump Reiterates Support For State-Level Marijuana Legalization

The Trump administration will not stand in the way of states setting their own marijuana policies, according to the president's most recent...
federal grant remove pesticides marijuana

Federal Grant Funds Tech That Removes Pesticides From Marijuana

A biotech startup which is working on a way to remove toxic pesticides from various crops, including marijuana, has been granted $250,000...