Friday, November 16, 2018
Federal reform push after midterm election

GOP Lawmaker: White House Will Push for Federal Cannabis Reform After Midterms

During an appearance on FOX Business on October 11, U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) said that his communications with the Trump administration have given...
DEA did not reschedule CBD

The DEA Did Not Reschedule CBD

Contrary to some accounts of the meaning of an announcement in the Federal Register, CBD remains a Schedule 1 drug. The FDA has rescheduled...
Trump prepares to fight legal marijuana

Documents Reveal Trump Administration Preparing To Fight Legal Marijuana

The Trump administration appears to be pursuing two different marijuana policies—one public and one secret. In public remarks, Trump has said he supported a...
Federal government want more marijuana cultivation less opioids

DEA Wants More Marijuana Cultivation and Less Opioid Production

The Drug Enforcement Administration, by its own admission, “is aggressively striving to halt the spread of cannabis cultivation in the United States.” Numerous sources...

Marijuana Becomes a Central Issue in US Senate Race in Nevada

Jacky Rosen, a Democratic member of the U.S. Congress from Nevada, is challenging Republican incumbent Dean Heller for his Senate seat, and she is...

Where Does Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Stand on Marijuana?

On July 9, President Donald Trump nominated Brett M. Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who has retired from the U.S. Supreme Court....
US Senators urge Sessions to expedite marijuana research licenses.

Bipartisan Group of US Senators Encourage Sessions to Approve Marijuana Research

On July 25, a bipartisan group of eight U.S. senators published a letter they sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding the status of twenty-six applications...

Legislation Introduced to Allow Marijuana Use in Public Housing

When states began to legalize medical marijuana in the late nineties, various legal issues were sure to result from the discrepancy between state and...
DC popup marijuana parties

30 Arrested at a Marijuana Pop-up Event in DC

In the nation’s capital city, it is legal for a person who is 21 or older to possess up to two ounces of marijuana...
US Senate votes to legalize hemp

U.S. Senate Votes to Legalize Hemp

On Jun 28, the U.S. Senate voted 86-11 to approve an omnibus bill that included a provision to legalize the cultivation of hemp across...