Saturday, March 28, 2020
nfl players caught with cannabis

NFL Player Faces 20 Years In Prison After Getting Caught With 157 Pounds of...

Two former NFL players are looking at serious jail time after federal agents said they found a huge load of cannabis in...
anthony clark congressional weed party

Congressional Candidate Hosts ‘First-Ever Congressional Weed Party’

Illinois Democratic congressional candidate Anthony Clark released a campaign video showing what he’s called the “first ever congressional weed party in Chicago.”
elizabeth warren federal marijauna reform

Elizabeth Warren Unveils New Plan For Federal Marijuana Legalization

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) released details of a comprehensive plan for federal marijuana reform, which includes extensive restorative justice and social equity...
trump medical marijuana protections

Congress Will Ignore Trump’s Efforts To End Medical Marijuana Protections, Says Republican Lawmaker

One of President Trump’s allies in Congress says he would ignore any attempt by the president to remove the long-standing rider in...
world health organization reschedule cannabis

Federal Government Concerned International Cannabis Rescheduling Could Bolster Legalization Efforts

The international community is preparing for a vote that could lift certain restrictions on cannabis, and it seems the US federal government...
trump marijuana lowers iq

Advocates Respond To Trump’s Claim That Cannabis Use Lowers IQ

Cannabis reform advocates responded to President Trump’s claim in a secretly recorded video that marijuana use leads to an “I.Q. problem.”
olexandria ocasio cortez colorado marijuana legalization

AOC: Colorado Is Doing A ‘Great Job’ With Marijuana Legalization

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) praised Colorado’s marijuana industry for generating tax revenues for public services such as schools. Ocasio-Cortez...
senate republicans blame cannabis dispensary robberies

Are Senate Republicans To Blame For Widespread Dispensary Robberies?

Last year’s passage of the SAFE Banking Act through Congress, after six years of trying, was a landmark event for marijuana reform...
bill cbd fda regulations

Bipartisan Bill Introduced To Include CBD Under FDA Regulations

CBD products derived from hemp could be legally marketed as a dietary supplement through a new bipartisan bill introduced last week.
declining federal marijuana prosecutions

Chief Justice Reports Continuing Decline In Federal Marijuana Prosecutions

Federal prosecutions of cannabis-related crimes fell by 28 percent in 2019, according to an annual report signed off by Supreme Court Justice...