Thursday, January 23, 2020
declining federal marijuana prosecutions

Chief Justice Reports Continuing Decline In Federal Marijuana Prosecutions

Federal prosecutions of cannabis-related crimes fell by 28 percent in 2019, according to an annual report signed off by Supreme Court Justice...
new polls majority support marijuana legalization

Two New National Polls Show Majority Public Support For Legal Marijuana

Two new national surveys show, once again, that a clear majority of Americans support ending federal prohibition of cannabis.
allow research cannabis dispensaries

Bipartisan Coalition Requests That Researchers Can Source Cannabis From Dispensaries

A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers urged the US Department of Justice to allow researchers to study cannabis sourced from state-legal dispensaries.
michael bloomberg democratic presidential nomination

Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg and His Stance On Marijuana

After flirting with the idea for years, former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg has announced his bid for the US...
rep danny davis campaign video smoking marijuana

Congressional Candidate Opens Up About Marijuana Use And Legalization In Campaign Video

An Illinois congressional candidate looking to unseat long-standing Rep. Danny Davis released a campaign video where he smokes cannabis whilst talking about...
biden backtracks marijuana gateway drug comment

Biden Backtracks On His “Gateway Drug” Comment

Two weeks ago, 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said that marijuana might be a gateway drug to more dangerous substance abuse.
federal marijuana legalization vote planned congress

Federal Vote To Legalize Marijuana Planned In Congress

In an historic first for American politics, a key congressional committee voted to approve a bill that would end federal prohibition of...
julian castro marijuana legalization expungement

Presidential Candidate Julian Castro Announces Plan For Marijuana Legalization And Expungement If Elected

2020 Democratic candidate Julián Castro said he would legalize marijuana, expunge past cannabis-related convictions, and allocate funds to communities most harmed by...
impeachment marijuana reform

GOP Congressman Concerned Impeachment Could Affect Marijuana Reform

This year has been a landmark one for federal-level marijuana reform, with the 116th Congress proving to be the most cannabis-friendly to...
usda hemp rules

USDA Issues Hemp Rules

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its proposed rules governing the commercial production of hemp at the end of October, bringing...