Monday, September 28, 2020
support marijuana legalizaton bipartisan

Support for Legalized Marijuana Is Bipartisan, Poll Shows

Not only do most Americans think the federal government should legalize marijuana but support for adult-use cannabis legalization is a bipartisan position,...
new polls majority support marijuana legalization

Two New National Polls Show Majority Public Support For Legal Marijuana

Two new national surveys show, once again, that a clear majority of Americans support ending federal prohibition of cannabis.
new yorkers want legal marijuana

New Yorkers Want Legalized Marijuana, New Poll Shows

A majority of New Yorkers support marijuana legalization, according to a new survey. More than 800 adults in New...
maryland marijuana legalization bills

Maryland Lawmakers File Marijuana Legalization Bills

State lawmakers in the House and Senate filed legislation last week that would end cannabis prohibition in Maryland. The...
Support for legalization increasing Minnesota

Minnesota Ready For Legal Marijuana, New Survey Shows

A survey conducted in October and November 2018 in Minnesota shows that 56% of voters support legalization of adult use. This is an increase...

Support Just Keeps Growing: Gallup Poll Reveals Two-Thirds of Americans Back Legalization

Support for legalization continues to grow among Americans, according to a Gallup poll released October 22. Two-thirds are now in favor, the highest number...
Georgia voters want legalization

Poll: Majority of Georgia Voters Want Legal Cannabis

A recent poll of Georgia voters finds that 55 percent favor adult-use legalization and only 33 percent oppose it, with 12 percent not sure....
Medical professionals favor legalization

Majority of Healthcare Professionals Favor Nationwide Legalization

A poll conducted by Medscape Medical News reveals that a solid majority of physicians support national legalization of medical cannabis and adult use. The poll...
Poll New Mexico voters want legal marijuana

New Poll Shows Majority Support for Adult Use in New Mexico

A new poll of New Mexico voters shows solid majority support for legalizing adult use. The poll covered all the state’s regions, including its...
Poll Connecticut want legal marijuana

Poll: Most Connecticut Voters Want Marijuana Legalization

A poll conducted in August by Quinnipiac University shows that a majority of Connecticut voters support adult use. The same poll also shows greater...