Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Cannabis reform 2020 Election

Marijuana Legalization Sweeps the Board at the 2020 Elections

The presidential election may be a close call, but residents of Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota overwhelmingly voted to legalize...
New Jersey poll strong support marijuana legalization

New Jersey Poll Indicates Marijuana Legalization Ballot Will Win Big on Nov 3

New Jersey’s recreational marijuana legalization ballot measure is on course for a thumping victory on November 3, according to the latest poll.
South Dakota marijuana legalization bills

Poll: Majority of South Dakota Voters Support Marijuana Legalization

Statewide polling indicates a majority of South Dakotans will vote for both marijuana legalization measures at November’s ballot. Initiated...
nebraska medical marijuana bill legal challenge

Nebraskan Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative Faces a Legal Challenge in The Supreme Court

State officials in Nebraska confirmed a measure to legalize medical marijuana garnered enough verified signatures to qualify for the November ballot but...
support marijuana legalizaton bipartisan

Support for Legalized Marijuana Is Bipartisan, Poll Shows

Not only do most Americans think the federal government should legalize marijuana but support for adult-use cannabis legalization is a bipartisan position,...
new jersey voters expected to vote for marijuana legalization

Majority of New Jersey Residents Expected To Vote For Marijuana Legalization, Poll Finds

A majority of registered voters in New Jersey responding to a Monmouth University survey said they will vote to legalize adult-use marijuana...
marijuana legalization success poll

Poll: Majority Of Americans Think Marijuana Legalization Policies Have Been A Success

More Americans think that state marijuana reforms have been a success than those who think cannabis legalization has been a failure, according...
majority iowans support marijuana

New Poll Shows Majority Of Iowans Support Marijuana Legalization

A new poll found majority support for adult-use marijuana legalization in Iowa for the first time. Des Moines Register...
kansas residents support marijuana legalization

Majority Of Kansas Residents Support Marijuana Legalization, Poll Finds

A majority of residents in Kansas are in favor of legalizing and taxing recreational marijuana for adults, according to a new poll.
new polls majority support marijuana legalization

Two New National Polls Show Majority Public Support For Legal Marijuana

Two new national surveys show, once again, that a clear majority of Americans support ending federal prohibition of cannabis.