Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Texas Voters Support Legal Recreational Marijuana

Texas Voters Support Legal Recreational Marijuana

Early in 2018, Vermont became the first state in the nation to legalize marijuana legislatively. In eight other states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts,...
Voting on legalization

Legalization Support Reaches 60 Percent

Backing for legalizing marijuana in the United States has reached new levels, according to a poll in October that found the highest levels of...

The 5 Legalization Battlegrounds of 2016

Nov. 8 is shaping up to be a very big day for marijuana in America. That may be hard to see amid the chaos...
Strong Support for Legal Marijuana

Poll Shows Growing Support for Legal Pot

Support for legalizing marijuana has been growing in the United States for decades - and nothing in recent years has slowed that progress, a...
Chances of legaliaztion are looking strong in these five states

Polls: Legalization Ahead in Every State

Marijuana legalization will be on the ballot in five states next month, and the odds are looking increasingly good every one of them could...

Coloradans Still Back Legal Weed

Colorado voters legalized recreational marijuana four years ago, and time hasn't changed their minds. A poll released in September finds that Coloradans have few regrets...
California Voter Support Is Strong

Californians Want to Legalize Marijuana: Poll

California voters will decide Nov. 8 whether they want to legalize marijuana statewide. So far, all signs point to yes. The odds got even better...
U.S. Legalization

What’s Next for Legal Marijuana in America?

Marijuana is at a crossroads in the United States. Four states and the nation's capital have legalized the drug for any use, while more...
New Mexico wants legal marijuana

New Mexicans: Give Us Legal Marijuana

New Mexico is not at the top of many lists of the states most likely to legalize marijuana in the next few years, but...
Colorado Tourism

Marijuana Tourism Booming in Colorado

More good news for marijuana in Colorado: A new study finds legalization has given a big boost to the tourism industry there. The study, commissioned...