Wednesday, July 15, 2020
recreational marijuana laws effect traffic fatalities

Recreational marijuana laws may cause increased traffic fatalities, studies find

Two new studies suggest that marijuana legalization could lead to more traffic fatalities, though the researchers behind each analysis caution that there...
racial disparities exist marijuana arrests

Despite Legalization, People Of Color Still Disproportionately Targeted By Police, New Studies Find

A new study backs up the findings of a recent report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); that people of color...
biden sanders task force decriminalization not enough

Biden-Sanders Task Force Members Argue That Decriminalization Isn’t Enough

Two appointees to a criminal justice task force established by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his former rival for the...
How cannabis legalization funds the police

How The Police Are Funded By Cannabis Legalization

Marijuana legalization advocates often argue that a legal cannabis industry would serve two important public functions: create new sources of tax revenue...
canada cannabis consumption legalization analysis

Analysis: How Cannabis Consumption Has Been Affected By Legalization in Canada

More than one year on from legalizing adult-use marijuana in Canada, a comparison of surveys on marijuana use suggest consumption rates have...
new mexico covid 19 recovery marijuana legalization

New Mexico Governor: Cannabis Legalization Will Help Rebuild Economy Post-COVID-19

The governor of New Mexico urged the need for recreational marijuana legalization in the state to help “rebuild” an ailing economy hit...
decline drug treatment admissions legal states

Study: Adult Use Legalization Linked To Reduction In Youth Drug Treatment Admissions

Adult-use marijuana legalization is not associated with a higher rate of cannabis-related youth admissions to drug treatment centers, according to the findings...
mitzi johnson vermont adult use sales bill on hold covid 19

Vermont House Speaker: Retail Marijuana Bill Will Be Reconsidered After Coronavirus Response

The Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives said the legislature will look again at a bill to tax and regulate marijuana...
new zealand final details cannabis legalization referendum

New Zealand Reveals Details of Cannabis Legalization Measure for 2020 Ballot

New Zealand citizens will have their say on whether the country should legalize adult-use marijuana through a referendum on the issue held...

Mexican Supreme Court Extends Marijuana Legalization Deadline

The Mexican Supreme Court approved another request to extend the deadline by which lawmakers must pass legislation to legalize adult-use marijuana.