Wednesday, July 15, 2020
world health organization reschedule cannabis

Federal Government Concerned International Cannabis Rescheduling Could Bolster Legalization Efforts

The international community is preparing for a vote that could lift certain restrictions on cannabis, and it seems the US federal government...
Support for legalization increasing Minnesota

Minnesota Ready For Legal Marijuana, New Survey Shows

A survey conducted in October and November 2018 in Minnesota shows that 56% of voters support legalization of adult use. This is an increase...
new mexico cannabis legalization covid 19

New Mexico Governor: Legal Marijuana Could Have Helped Mitigate Impact Of Coronavirus

The governor of New Mexico expressed regret that her administration were unable to legalize cannabis this year as it would have led...
PA John Fetterman statewide listening tour marijuana legalization

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Reports Majority Support for Legal Marijuana

Earlier this year, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman embarked on a statewide listening tour to hear from voters on the issue of...

What Would Donald Trump Mean for MJ?

Donald Trump doesn't like to be pinned down. Just when you think you've got him nailed on a political position, he turns around and...

Even Fox News Finds U.S. Favors Legalization

There's already plenty of evidence Americans want to legalize marijuana from coast to coast. Poll after poll has concluded a majority of voters favor...
Andrew Cuomo report recommends marijuana legalization

Gov. Cuomo Releases Report Recommending Marijuana Legalization in New York

On July 13, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York released a report from the state’s Department of Health that recommends that the state legalize...

Maine Lawmakers Vote Not to Legalize

Lawmakers in Maine have passed up the chance to legalize marijuana by way of legislation. The state's House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in late June...
president influences opinion marijuana legalization

President Influences Public Attitudes Towards Marijuana Legalization, Study Finds

Whoever resides in the White House influences American attitudes towards marijuana legalization, according to a new study released in August.
Marijuana now on sale Massachusetts

Recreational Marijuana Now On Sale In Massachusetts

Two years after voters approved recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, sales began on November 20. Customers lined up early in the morning in the rain...