Thursday, December 12, 2019
police searches down legalization

Police Searches Down 70% Following Marijuana Legalization In Vermont City

The Burlington Police Department in Vermont announced a 70 percent drop in traffic searches since the state legalized marijuana.
MORE Act Federally Decriminalize Tax Marijuana

The MORE Act Would Federally Decriminalize And Tax Marijuana

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris and House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler recently announced their bill to federally decriminalize marijuana and require...
us virgin islands marijuana legalization

Marijuana Legalization Legislation Under Consideration In British Virgin Islands

A draft bill to legalize adult-use marijuana is under consideration in the British Virgin Islands and could soon be on its way...
maine retail marijuana market 2020

It’s Official: Maine Retail Marijuana Sales Will Start in 2020

A commercial adult-use cannabis industry is coming to Maine early next year, after Gov. Janet Mills (D) signed a bill to establish...
congress end federal marijuana prohibition

Congressional Hearing Held To Discuss Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition

On July 10, a key congressional committee held an historic hearing on ending federal marijuana prohibition, during which cannabis advocates and lawmakers...
study marijuana consumption reduced in legal states

Legalized Marijuana Linked With Reduced Youth Consumption Rates, Study Finds

States that legalized recreational marijuana have seen a decline in cannabis consumption among youths, according to a comprehensive new study published by...
ilhan omar calls for federal legalization

Congresswoman Calls For Federal Marijuana Legalization

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) voiced her support for marijuana legalization at the federal level to ensure that individual states can no longer...
north dakota legalization effort

North Dakota Marijuana Legalization Advocates Try Again

After voters rejected a ballot initiative last year in North Dakota to legalize marijuana, the advocacy group which spearheaded the proposal is...
kirsten gillibrand marijuana legalization plan

This 2020 Presidential Candidate Actually Has a Plan for Legalization

While nearly all of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have committed to descheduling marijuana at the federal level, few have said how...
Illinois marijuana legalization

Illinois Marijuana Legalization: What You Need To Know

Illinois is about to become the eleventh state in the U.S. to legalize adult-use cannabis, and the first to do so through...