Wednesday, November 14, 2018
teen marijuana use not increased in legal states

Surveys Report No Increase in Teen Use of Marijuana in Legal States

As various states in the country legalized medical and adult-use marijuana, questions arose as to whether legalization would encourage teens to try the drug....
Marijuana Myths

Busting Some Marijuana Myths

The science of marijuana is fertile ground for myths. Whether it's misguided beliefs about the physical dangers of smoking cannabis or false assumptions about...
Dog carries home marijuana

Dog Brings Her Owner a Trophy: Marijuana

As the old saying goes: “When a dog bites a man, that is not news. When a man bites a dog, that is news.”...
Sending Marijuana by Mail

How Does Marijuana Move?

If you've ever bought marijuana on the black market, you may have asked yourself a question: How exactly did the stuff get to me? The...

Which Country Uses the Most Marijuana?

Colorado, California, Rhode Island, Washington, Oregon: These are the top spots in the United States for smoking marijuana. Whether because it's legal or because...
Marijuana Teen Use

Fewer Teens Are Using Marijuana

It's one of the most common and passionate arguments made by people who oppose marijuana reform: Legalizing the drug will surely lead more teenagers...

University of Vermont Will Teach Class on MMJ

Legal marijuana is already big business. Now it's becoming an academic specialty, too. The University of Vermont's College of Medicine is offering a class in...
Pot and Pregnancy

Marijuana and Pregnancy: An Overreaction?

Pregnant women are well advised to stay away from alcohol, hard drugs, and cigarettes. The evidence on all of these substances is clear: They...
Medical Marijuana

Brookings Institution: MJ Policy Is All Wrong

The world's most influential think tank issued a report in October that casts strong doubt on drug policy in the United States. The report was...

Students Overdose on MJ Brownies

Five California high school students fell sick after eating marijuana-laced brownies in October, police said. The teens, all studying at Crawford High School in San...