Saturday, November 28, 2020
South Dakota legalizes medical and recreational marijuana use

South Dakota Votes to Legalize Recreational and Medical Marijuana

South Dakota voters approved two ballot measures to legalize the recreational and medical use of marijuana. The initiative to...
Mississippi voters approve marijuana legalization

Mississippi Voters Choose Citizen-Led Medical Marijuana Initiative Over Lawmakers’ Proposal

Mississippi voters comfortably approved a citizen-led initiative to legalize medical marijuana in the state, despite fears the two-step ballot process might confuse...
Cannabis reform 2020 Election

Marijuana Legalization Sweeps the Board at the 2020 Elections

The presidential election may be a close call, but residents of Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota overwhelmingly voted to legalize...
Medical Marijuana Legalized Hawaii

The Sale of Marijuana Edibles Is Now Legal in Hawaii

Hawaii Gov. David Ige signed a bill into law to legalize the sale of medical cannabis edibles. The new law will take...
scientists veterans demand dea reconsider cannabis schedule 1 status

Scientists and Veterans Demand DEA Reconsider Cannabis’s Schedule I Status

A coalition of scientists and veterans submitted a legal brief to a federal court arguing the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) restrictive classification...
Michigan phases out medical marijuana supply recreational market

Michigan Completes Phase-out of Medical Marijuana Caregivers as Recreational Market Matures

As Michigan’s recreational marijuana market goes from strength to strength, the state’s medical marijuana caregivers are no longer allowed to sell excess...
FDA expedite approval CBD medication

New FDA Guidance Will Expedite Approval of CBD Medications

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is introducing new draft guidance to speed up the approval process for oral CBD medications.
medical marijuana vote cancelled nebraska

Major Setback for Medical Marijuana in Nebraska

The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled the proposed medical marijuana legalization question on the state’s ballot is unconstitutional and as such it will...
New Data Suggests Legalization Not Linked to Increases in Vehicle-Pedestrial Fatalities

New Data Suggests Legalization Not Linked to Increases in Vehicle-Pedestrial Fatalities

Marijuana legalization, whether medical or recreational, is not associated with an increase in traffic fatalities concerning pedestrians, according to new research.
bill research cannabis

House Committee Approves Bill that Would Allow Research on Dispensary-Sourced Cannabis

A comprehensive bipartisan bill that would allow scientists to source marijuana from state-legal dispensaries, among other provisions to facilitate research on the...