Saturday, September 26, 2020
New Data Suggests Legalization Not Linked to Increases in Vehicle-Pedestrial Fatalities

New Data Suggests Legalization Not Linked to Increases in Vehicle-Pedestrial Fatalities

Marijuana legalization, whether medical or recreational, is not associated with an increase in traffic fatalities concerning pedestrians, according to new research.
bill research cannabis

House Committee Approves Bill that Would Allow Research on Dispensary-Sourced Cannabis

A comprehensive bipartisan bill that would allow scientists to source marijuana from state-legal dispensaries, among other provisions to facilitate research on the...
impaired driving prevention bill

Marijuana Advocacy Group Contributes to Impaired Driving Prevention Bill in Congress

A new bipartisan bill to help prevent drug-impaired driving has been filed in Congress, and was drafted with the input of one’s...
nebraska medical marijuana bill legal challenge

Nebraskan Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative Faces a Legal Challenge in The Supreme Court

State officials in Nebraska confirmed a measure to legalize medical marijuana garnered enough verified signatures to qualify for the November ballot but...
medical marijuana lawsuit dea

Medical Marijuana Patients Take Lawsuit Against DEA to Supreme Court

Medical marijuana advocates filed a petition with the US Supreme Court declaring federal cannabis prohibition unconstitutional. The lawsuit, made against the Drug...
Federal Cannabis Testing Program

Federal Cannabis Testing Program Launched to Help Inform Consumers

A federal agency is starting a cannabis plant testing program so consumers can purchase marijuana from dispensaries safe in the knowledge the...
medical marijuana improved access louisiana

It Just Got a Lot Easier to Access Medical Marijuana in Louisiana

Three new laws to expand medical marijuana access for qualifying patients in Louisiana went into effect on August 1, 2020.
Youth cannabis use decline in legalized states

Anti-Marijuana White House Official Admits Youth Use Has Fallen Since Legalization

A top official from the White House’s anti-drug office conceded that, contrary to the claims of many marijuana prohibitionists, youth cannabis use...
nebraska medical marijuana ballot initiative signatures submitted

Nebraska Activists Submit 182,000 Signatures to Qualify Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative

On July 2, Nebraska activists submitted almost 200,000 signatures to put medical cannabis on the ballot in 2020. The state is one...
why medical marijuana patients cant grow their own cannabis

Why Are So Many Medical Marijuana Patients Not Allowed to Grow Their Own Plants?

Around half of medical marijuana states prohibit home cultivation; a policy which hurts those patients hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak.