Thursday, January 23, 2020
bill cbd fda regulations

Bipartisan Bill Introduced To Include CBD Under FDA Regulations

CBD products derived from hemp could be legally marketed as a dietary supplement through a new bipartisan bill introduced last week.
Uk health institute approves cannabis medicines

UK Health Institute Approves Cannabis-Based Medicines In England and Wales

A UK public health institute has approved the use of cannabis-based medicines by the National Health Service (NHS) for a limited number...
new hampshire medical marijuana changes

New Changes to New Hampshire’s Medical Marijuana Program Allow Easier Access

After a recent overturn of a veto from New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu, regarding the medical marijuana program, gaining a medical marijuana...
wisconsin medical marijuana legalization

Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Bill Faces Stiff Opposition In The Senate

Wisconsin lawmakers have once again submitted a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. Aside from allowing...
vape pen illness lawsuit

Lawsuits Likely To Follow Recent Vaping Health Crisis

The vaping health crisis in the U.S. will lead to lawsuits that could threaten the existence of the entire industry, as well...
uk experts want medical cannabis access

UK Experts Want Free Medical Cannabis Availability

Hundreds of professors, cross-party politicians, health experts and doctors in the United Kingdom have added their names to a letter urging the...
mississippi medical marijuana voter signatures

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Proponents Turn In Signatures For 2020 Measure

A group advocating for medical marijuana in Mississippi has submitted the required number of signatures for the inclusion of a measure to...
washington 2.0 cannabis

Washington’s ‘Cannabis 2.0’: What Does The Future Hold?

Washington is preparing for a radical overhaul of its marijuana regulations in what is being dubbed “Cannabis 2.0,” five years after the...
cannabis access research dispensaries

Federal Agencies: Researchers Should Be Able To Obtain Cannabis From Dispensaries

Two federal agencies have written a joint letter to say that marijuana researchers should be able to obtain the drug from state-legal...
Idaho medical marijuana drive

Will Medical Marijuana Become A Reality in Idaho?

Just two years ago, voters in Idaho had their say at the ballot box on the question of whether to expand Medicaid...