Sunday, July 12, 2020

Does Marijuana Really Cause Laziness? Study Says Yes

If you reject the myth that marijuana makes people lazier, you may be surprised to learn it's not such a myth, at least according...

Ohio Could Get Medical Marijuana Soon

Less than a year after marijuana reform suffered a stinging defeat in Ohio, lawmakers have unveiled a plan to legalize the drug as medicine...
Crime down in states with medical marijuana

Study Shows Reduced Crime in Border States with Medical Marijuana

According to a research report published by the Royal Economic Society, crime has gone down in U.S. southern border areas that have legalized medical...
Ohio medical marijuana on sale

Ohio Medical Marijuana Sales Are Finally Underway

After nearly a two-and-a-half year wait and a four month delay, Ohio residents are finally able to legally purchase medical marijuana.

NAACP Supports MMJ in Florida

A major civil rights group has come out in favor of medical marijuana in Florida. The NAACP of Florida announced in September that the group...
Indiana considers medical marijuana

Indiana Legislators Considering Medical Marijuana

A poll of Indiana voters shows overwhelming support for medical marijuana, but in October in the statehouse, a legislative committee appointed to study the...
Uk health institute approves cannabis medicines

UK Health Institute Approves Cannabis-Based Medicines In England and Wales

A UK public health institute has approved the use of cannabis-based medicines by the National Health Service (NHS) for a limited number...
DEA did not reschedule CBD

The DEA Did Not Reschedule CBD

Contrary to some accounts of the meaning of an announcement in the Federal Register, CBD remains a Schedule 1 drug. The FDA has rescheduled...
virginia new medical marijuana laws

Three Newly Signed Laws Expand Virginia’s Medical Marijuana Program

On July 1, three medical marijuana laws entered into force in Virginia, four months after Governor Ralph Northam signed them.
Jew Jersey Medical Marijuana Opioid Addiction

New Jersey Adds Opioid Addiction To Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Opioid addiction now qualifies for medical marijuana treatment in a move that Gov. Phil Murphy (D) believes will help tackle the opioid...