Wednesday, July 15, 2020
marijuana legalization bills shelved amid coronavirus outbreak

Marijuana Legalization Bills Being Shelved Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

What started as a promising year for the marijuana reform movement across the US has been set off-course by the COVID-19 pandemic....
dea expands research cannabis

DEA Takes Steps To Expand Access To Cannabis For Research

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) proposed new rules to expand opportunities for medical and scientific marijuana research. The agency announced measures that...
new york marijuana legalization effort on hold

Marijuana Legalization On Hold in New York Due to COVID-19

Provisions to legalize adult-use marijuana didn’t make it into New York’s annual budget before the April 1 deadline. Though...
kentucky approves medical cannabis bill

Kentucky House Votes To Approve Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill

The Kentucky House voted in favor of a bill to legalize medical cannabis. The bill, the first piece of...
trump medical marijuana protections

Congress Will Ignore Trump’s Efforts To End Medical Marijuana Protections, Says Republican Lawmaker

One of President Trump’s allies in Congress says he would ignore any attempt by the president to remove the long-standing rider in...
missouri medical marijuana dispensary licenses

Missouri Issues First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

The Missouri state regulator for medical marijuana issued its first licenses to successful applicants seeking to open up a dispensary, amid concerns...
kansas governor legalization medical marijuana

Kansas Governor Would Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill, But Remains Focused On Medical Marijuana

The governor of Kansas said she would “probably” sign off on an adult-use marijuana legalization bill if it came her way.
bill cbd fda regulations

Bipartisan Bill Introduced To Include CBD Under FDA Regulations

CBD products derived from hemp could be legally marketed as a dietary supplement through a new bipartisan bill introduced last week.
Uk health institute approves cannabis medicines

UK Health Institute Approves Cannabis-Based Medicines In England and Wales

A UK public health institute has approved the use of cannabis-based medicines by the National Health Service (NHS) for a limited number...
new hampshire medical marijuana changes

New Changes to New Hampshire’s Medical Marijuana Program Allow Easier Access

After a recent overturn of a veto from New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu, regarding the medical marijuana program, gaining a medical marijuana...