Thursday, September 19, 2019
oklahoma medical marijauna patient protections

Oklahoma’s Expanded Protections For Medical Marijuana Patients Begin

In Oklahoma, new legislation took effect on August 30 which expands protections for the state's medical marijuana patients. House...
dc medical marijuana reciprocity

D.C. Now Accepting Medical Marijuana Cards From Other States

The mayor of Washington, DC said last month that dispensaries in the nation's capital will now accept valid medical marijuana cards issued...

What You Need To Know About Arizona’s Recreational Marijuana Legalization Ballot Measure For 2020

Voters in Arizona may get the chance once again to decide on whether the state should legalize recreational marijuana, after legalization advocates...
New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham Marijuana

New Mexico’s Marijuana Legalization Working Group Held First Hearing

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham convened the first in a series of public hearings detailing the outcomes of her marijuana legalization...
AG peterson nebraska

Nebraska AG Argues Medical Marijuana Legalization Is Unconstitutional

Nebraska's attorney general said that ongoing efforts in the state to establish a legal medical marijuana program would be preempted by federal...
texas state police stop low level marijuana arrests

Texas State Police Instructed To Stop Low-Level Marijuana Arrests

The largest law enforcement agency in Texas instructed its officers to no longer arrest people for low-level marijuana offenses, as detailed in...
Michigan AG seeking changes recreational marijuana law

Michigan AG Seeking To Tweak Recreational Marijuana Law

Michigan's attorney general has convened a workgroup to look into potential changes and clarifications regarding the state's recreational marijuana law.
canidce keller blame marijuana mass shootings

Lawmaker Who Blamed Mass Shootings On Legal Marijuana Should Resign, GOP Party Chair Says

Ohio GOP lawmaker Candice Keller has come under fire after the state representative posted an article to Facebook in the wake of...
police searches down legalization

Police Searches Down 70% Following Marijuana Legalization In Vermont City

The Burlington Police Department in Vermont announced a 70 percent drop in traffic searches since the state legalized marijuana.
Marijuana Deliveries Would Reduce Impaired Driving

Colorado Governor: Marijuana Deliveries Would Reduce Impaired Driving

On July 26, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) said that his administration is aiming to reduce impaired driving by legalizing home delivery...