Wednesday, November 25, 2020
cannabis reform legislation maryland

Marijuana Reform Legislation Advances In Maryland

Maryland House lawmakers passed a bill that would raise the threshold of criminal possession of marijuana. The measure to...
Baltimore prosecutor marijuana convictions

Baltimore Prosecutor Files Petition To Erase Marijuana Convictions

Baltimore's top prosecutor has filed a rarely used legal petition in order to vacate 3,778 convictions for cannabis possession.
maryland marijuana legalization bills

Maryland Lawmakers File Marijuana Legalization Bills

State lawmakers in the House and Senate filed legislation last week that would end cannabis prohibition in Maryland. The...
Maryland marijuana paraphernalia veto

Maryland Legislature Overrides Veto on Paraphernalia

Thanks to lawmakers in Maryland, possession of marijuana paraphernalia is no longer treated as a crime. The state's General Assembly voted to override a veto...

D.C. Mayor Urges Residents to Boycott Maryland

Angered by a GOP attempt to nullify marijuana decriminalization in the nation’s capital, city leaders are urging residents to vacation anywhere but Maryland’s 1st...

Maryland Woman Finds a Surprise in Her Fast Food: Pot

When a Maryland woman stopped by a local Sonic restaurant, she got what many would consider an extra treat. She doesn’t see it that...