Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Michigan phases out medical marijuana supply recreational market

Michigan Completes Phase-out of Medical Marijuana Caregivers as Recreational Market Matures

As Michigan’s recreational marijuana market goes from strength to strength, the state’s medical marijuana caregivers are no longer allowed to sell excess...
House votes to protect legal states against federal interferance marijuana

House Votes To Protect Legal States Against Federal Interference

The House of Representatives approved an amendment to a defense spending bill that would protect marijuana businesses operating legally under state, territory,...
cannabis legalization social equity goals

Are States That Legalized Marijuana Living Up To Their Social Equity Goals?

The first states to legalize cannabis, Colorado and Washington, didn’t give a great deal of thought to social equity – the idea...
hard to get legal marijuana michigan

Legalized Marijuana In Michigan Doesn’t Mean Everyone Can Access It

Michigan’s legal adult-use marijuana market began on December 1, 2019, but that doesn’t mean it’s now easy for would-be customers to get...
michigan legal marijuana sales

Legal Marijuana Sales Begin In Michigan December 1

Christmas has come early for cannabis consumers in Michigan who will be able to legally buy marijuana from licensed businesses as of...
Michigan AG seeking changes recreational marijuana law

Michigan AG Seeking To Tweak Recreational Marijuana Law

Michigan's attorney general has convened a workgroup to look into potential changes and clarifications regarding the state's recreational marijuana law.
indiana marijuana smuggling

Will Interstate Marijuana Trafficking Be A Problem For Indiana?

With Indiana holding firm on marijuana prohibition while its neighboring states enact reforms, the Midwest could be heading for a showdown between...
marijuana cultivation michigan

What You Should Know About Cultivating Marijuana In Michigan

A voter initiative has legalized marijuana in Michigan, but the regulatory structure of the legal market has yet to be created, which...
michigan marijuana gifting loophole

Michigan Businesses Exploit Legal Loophole By Gifting Marijuana To Consumers

In November 2018, voters in Michigan approved a ballot measure legalizing adult use, but the regulatory structure for the new market is...
Marijuana legalization Michigan

Marijuana Legalization in Michigan: What You Need To Know

On November 13, voters in Michigan approved an adult use initiative, Proposal 1, with almost 56% in favor. In summary, the initiative will: “Allow...