Monday, December 17, 2018
New Jersey stops prosecutions for marijuana

New Jersey Suspends Prosecutions for Marijuana

On July 24, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal issued a letter to the state’s prosecutors telling them to suspend their marijuana cases until...
recreational marijuana bill new jersey

Recreational Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in New Jersey

In New Jersey, medical marijuana is legal but recreational marijuana is not. But there is growing support in Trenton for full legalization and for...
Phil Murphy New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Wants Legal Marijuana by End of Year

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey is a study in contrasts. He amassed a great fortune working for more than twenty years at Goldman...

Facebook Deletes Pages About Medical Marijuana

Sometimes social media networks get it wrong. And sometimes they get it dead wrong. Facebook has long allowed pages that promote medical marijuana - which...

New Jersey Lawmakers Talk Legalization

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has famously promised to stamp out marijuana legalization if he's elected president. But he may soon have a fight...
CBD Oil at School

New Jersey Teen Can Use Marijuana at School

A New Jersey schoolgirl with autism and severe epilepsy will be able to return to classes after the state's governor signed a law granting...

New Jersey Teen Sues to Use Medical Marijuana at School

Genny Barbour suffers from autism and epilepsy. She needs medication to survive, and the only one that reliably works is marijuana. And that's the problem:...

MMJ Patients Barred from Christie Event

A group of medical marijuana patients in New Jersey tried to stage a protest at a town hall meeting featuring Gov. Chris Christie. But...