Wednesday, November 25, 2020
New Jersey votes to legalize recreational marijuana

New Jersey Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Marijuana Legalization at the Ballot

New Jersey voters resoundingly approved a ballot proposal to legalize recreational marijuana in the Garden State. Nearly 67 percent...
Cannabis reform 2020 Election

Marijuana Legalization Sweeps the Board at the 2020 Elections

The presidential election may be a close call, but residents of Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota overwhelmingly voted to legalize...
New Jersey poll strong support marijuana legalization

New Jersey Poll Indicates Marijuana Legalization Ballot Will Win Big on Nov 3

New Jersey’s recreational marijuana legalization ballot measure is on course for a thumping victory on November 3, according to the latest poll.
ne jersey gov phil murphy cannabis legalization covid 19 recovery

New Jersey Gov: Legalizing Marijuana a “No-Brainer” For COVID-19 Economic Recovery

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) described marijuana legalization as an “incredibly smart” move to aid the state’s economic recovery from the...
why medical marijuana patients cant grow their own cannabis

Why Are So Many Medical Marijuana Patients Not Allowed to Grow Their Own Plants?

Around half of medical marijuana states prohibit home cultivation; a policy which hurts those patients hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak.
new jersey cannabis decriminalization

New Jersey Lawmakers File Cannabis Decriminalization Bill Ahead of Referendum On Full Legalization

New Jersey lawmakers submitted a new cannabis decriminalization bill ahead of the state’s marijuana legalization referendum this November. The...
new jersey voters expected to vote for marijuana legalization

Majority of New Jersey Residents Expected To Vote For Marijuana Legalization, Poll Finds

A majority of registered voters in New Jersey responding to a Monmouth University survey said they will vote to legalize adult-use marijuana...
phil murphy marijuana expungement bill

New Jersey Gov Approves Marijuana Expungement Bill

The governor of New Jersey signed a bill into law establishing a streamlined process for expunging criminal records resulting from low-level marijuana...
new jersey marijuana legalization ballot question 2020

New Jersey Lawmakers Approve 2020 Marijuana Legalization Ballot Question

New Jersey voters will have their say on marijuana legalization next year, after lawmakers approved a proposed ballot question earlier this month...
phil murphy new jersey decriminalization measure

New Jersey Governor Pushes For Marijuana Decriminalization Ahead Of 2020 Legalization Ballot Vote

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) wants to work with lawmakers to swiftly decriminalize cannabis possession in the state as a stop-gap...