Monday, December 17, 2018

24 States Considering Legalization This Year

More than 20 states could vote to legalize marijuana in November, according to recent news reports. That means 2016 could be the biggest year yet...
Marijuana Ohio

Cops Nab a Ton of Marijuana in Ohio

Police in Columbus, Ohio, seized more than a ton of marijuana after an investigation into drug trafficking between Arizona and Ohio. The cannabis, worth an...
Marijuasna legalization push in Ohio

Medical Marijuana Push Underway in Ohio

A recent attempt to legalize marijuana for any use in Ohio met with utter failure. But that doesn't mean advocates are giving up. In fact,...

MJ Reform Isn’t Dead in Ohio

It's been a bad month for marijuana reformers in Ohio. Election Day saw a major legalization effort go down to defeat, big time, even...
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Election 2015: A Voter’s Guide

To look at news coverage, you'd think the next election in America will come in November 2016. But there's actually one coming a lot...

Man Calls 911 Because He’s “Too High”

Some people, it seems, just can't hold their marijuana. An Ohio man reportedly called 911 in early October to let them know he was "too...

Poll Show Ohioans Back Legal Marijuana

Not many observers are putting money on legalization in Ohio anytime in the immediate future. But a new poll suggests the odds are improving. The...

Ballot Push Clears First Hurdle in Ohio

Marijuana advocates won the go-ahead in March to begin collecting signatures on a petition to legalize the drug in Ohio. Members of ResponsibleOhio, a pro-reform...

Ohio AG Nixes Legalization Petition

Ohio’s attorney general has blocked a push to legalize marijuana in the state, though advocates say they plan to change and resubmit their petition. Attorney...