Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Oregon growing too much marijuana

Is Oregon Growing Too Much Marijuana?

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which regulates the state’s legal marijuana market, has released information that shows that the state has an oversupply of...
Earl Blumenauer predicts cannabis rescheduling

Rep. Earl Blumenauer Predicts Descheduled Cannabis Within Five Years

U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon, has made a bet that marijuana will be removed from the Schedule I list of controlled...
Feds wont prosecute for 1g marijuana

Feds Won’t Prosecute Over 1 Gram of Pot

Prosecutors said in August that they would not pursue federal charges against an American Indian man arrested in Oregon for possession of roughly a...
Legalization in Oregon

Oregon Q & A: What’s Legal There?

Retail marijuana has been available in Oregon since voters legalized the drug in November 2014, but otherwise life hasn't changed all that much. Northwest...
Oregon marijuana gifting laws

Portland Pot Giveaways Coming to an End

Marijuana is everywhere in Oregon these days - and a fair amount of it is going for free. That's something local officials are trying to...
Marijuana Legalization in Oregon

Oregon Pulls Down $3.5 million in Marijuana Taxes

Legal marijuana has been good to Oregon. The first month of recreational cannabis sales netted the state roughly $3.5 million, more than officials had...

NBA Star Cliff Robinson Starts Marijuana Grow Business

Former NBA star Cliff "Uncle Cliffy" Robinson has moved on from his basketball days, but he's found a new passion: the marijuana industry. Robinson, best...
Marijauna Legalization Comparison

Legalization: A State-by-State Comparison

Marijuana is currently legal in four states and the District of Columbia, and three of those states - Oregon, Washington, and Colorado - already...

Legal MJ Off to Great Start in Oregon

When voters legalized marijuana in Oregon last year, they didn't take much of a practical leap. The state already had a strong stoner community,...

Legal Weed Brings $11 Million to Oregon

Oregon is rolling in the green. The first week of legal marijuana sales brought in roughly $11 million in sales, according to numbers released by...