Monday, December 17, 2018
Problems marijuana patients Oregon

How Legalization Has Caused Problems for Patients in Oregon

Oregon legalized medical cannabis in 1998. Under the medical program, patients could grow their own or allow a grower to do it for them....
Public consumption spaces

Push To Legalize Cannabis Consumption Spaces Underway In Oregon

Bars that serve alcohol are common in Oregon, but public places for the consumption of marijuana remain illegal. This may change, however, as at...
Josephine county vs oregon state

Josephine County’s Failed Efforts to Unravel Oregon’s Marijuana Laws

On August 30, Josephine County in southwestern Oregon was handed a defeat in a court battle with the state of Oregon about a zoning...

Oregon Cannabis Growers Must Inform Officials About Harvests

A proposed new rule in Oregon aims to track marijuana from harvest to market. This measure, prompted by complaints from federal officials, has been...
oregon college students increased marijuana use

More Oregon College Students Using Cannabis Since Legalization, Study Finds

According to research conducted at Oregon State University and recently published in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, recreational marijuana use increased among the...
Oregon medical marijuana admits lack of oversight

Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program Admits Lack of Oversight

On July 12, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), which oversees Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP), issued a report on the “administrative shortcomings” that are...
Oregon growing too much marijuana

Is Oregon Growing Too Much Marijuana?

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which regulates the state’s legal marijuana market, has released information that shows that the state has an oversupply of...
Earl Blumenauer predicts cannabis rescheduling

Rep. Earl Blumenauer Predicts Descheduled Cannabis Within Five Years

U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon, has made a bet that marijuana will be removed from the Schedule I list of controlled...
Feds wont prosecute for 1g marijuana

Feds Won’t Prosecute Over 1 Gram of Pot

Prosecutors said in August that they would not pursue federal charges against an American Indian man arrested in Oregon for possession of roughly a...
Legalization in Oregon

Oregon Q & A: What’s Legal There?

Retail marijuana has been available in Oregon since voters legalized the drug in November 2014, but otherwise life hasn't changed all that much. Northwest...