Wednesday, October 28, 2020
why medical marijuana patients cant grow their own cannabis

Why Are So Many Medical Marijuana Patients Not Allowed to Grow Their Own Plants?

Around half of medical marijuana states prohibit home cultivation; a policy which hurts those patients hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak.
pennsylvania marijuana legalization bill

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Introduces New Marijuana Legalization Bill

A new adult-use marijuana legalization bill has been introduced by Rep. Jake Wheatley (D) to the Pennsylvania state legislature.
pennsylvania cannabis arrests decline

Pennsylvania Cannabis Possession Arrests In Decline

Arrests for marijuana possession in Pennsylvania declined sharply in 2019, according to preliminary data released from the state’s Police Uniform Crime Reporting...
marijuana legalization bill pennsylvania

Sweeping Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania lawmakers have introduced a comprehensive marijuana legalization bill which pretty much reads as a wishlist of just about everything a pro-cannabis...
pennsylvania expedites low level marijuana conviction expungement

Pennsylvania Implements Expedited Pardon Process For Those With Low-Level Marijuana Convictions

Pennsylvania has introduced an expedited process to have low-level marijuana convictions expunged from an individual's criminal record. The Pennsylvania...
PA John Fetterman statewide listening tour marijuana legalization

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Reports Majority Support for Legal Marijuana

Earlier this year, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman embarked on a statewide listening tour to hear from voters on the issue of...
recreational marijuana legalization bill pennsylvania house

Recreational Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced In Pennsylvania House

Democratic Rep. Jake Wheatley has brought forward an adult-use cannabis bill to the Pennsylvania House. He describes it as the state’s most...
Pennsylvania marijuana legalization listening tour

Pennsylvania Governor Announces Statewide ‘Listening Tour’ To Discuss Marijuana Legalization

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) announced last week that his Lt. Governor, John Fetterman, will embark on a tour of the state's...

Pennsylvania Joins the Medical Marijuana Crowd

Add one more to the list. Pennsylvania lawmakers moved in April to make the state the 24th to allow medical marijuana. The state House of...
Pittsburgh decriminalization

Pittsburgh Could Decriminalize

Pittsburgh could soon join a growing movement to decriminalize marijuana in America, one city at a time. A Pittsburgh City Council member is pushing a...