Friday, August 14, 2020
Vermont marijuana legalization

Could Vermont Be the Next State to Go Legal?

It's looking increasingly likely that the liberal New England state of Vermont could move to legalize marijuana during this year's legislative session - before...

Vermont Public Safety Commissioners Ignored Orders to Measure Marijuana Content in Edibles

Legalization is coming to Vermont, but the state government has neglected to pay for laboratory upgrades that will allow it to test edibles, which...

University of Vermont Will Teach Class on MMJ

Legal marijuana is already big business. Now it's becoming an academic specialty, too. The University of Vermont's College of Medicine is offering a class in...
vermont medical marijuana money

Where Does Vermont’s Medical Marijuana Program Spend its Money?

Starting July 1 in Vermont, those who are 21 and older may legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana legally. It will also...
mitzi johnson vermont adult use sales bill on hold covid 19

Vermont House Speaker: Retail Marijuana Bill Will Be Reconsidered After Coronavirus Response

The Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives said the legislature will look again at a bill to tax and regulate marijuana...
vermont retail marijuana sales

Vermont Senate Panel Approves Retail Marijuana Bill

A regulated retail cannabis market may be coming to Vermont under legislation approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.
House votes to protect legal states against federal interferance marijuana

House Votes To Protect Legal States Against Federal Interference

The House of Representatives approved an amendment to a defense spending bill that would protect marijuana businesses operating legally under state, territory,...
Marijuana leaf

Vermont Could Legalize, Soon

Lawmakers in Vermont are moving to legalize marijuana even faster than anticipated. The state Senate voted in February to pass legislation that would make cannabis...
vermont lawmakers double marijuana possession cultivation limits

Vermont Senate Votes To Double Marijuana Possession And Cultivation Limits

Vermont senators approved a bill that would double decriminalized marijuana possession and cultivation limits, and establish automatic expungements of low-level cannabis offenses.
police searches down legalization

Police Searches Down 70% Following Marijuana Legalization In Vermont City

The Burlington Police Department in Vermont announced a 70 percent drop in traffic searches since the state legalized marijuana.