Monday, September 28, 2020
why medical marijuana patients cant grow their own cannabis

Why Are So Many Medical Marijuana Patients Not Allowed to Grow Their Own Plants?

Around half of medical marijuana states prohibit home cultivation; a policy which hurts those patients hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak.
cannabis decriminalization in virginia

Virginia’s Cannabis Decriminalization Law Takes Effect

Marijuana decriminalization in Virginia has taken effect, as of July 1, 2020. Now, marijuana possession of up to one...
employee testing cannabis

Municipalities Increasingly Opting Against Cannabis Testing For Employees

City officials across the US are abandoning marijuana testing requirements for public employees. Rochester City Council approved legislation to...
Virginia Marijuana Decriminalization

Marijuana Decriminalization In Virginia Takes Effect July 1

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed a bill into law that will decriminalize cannabis possession from July 1, 2020. Virginia now becomes the...
ralph northam virginia decriminalization

Virginia Gov Approves Decriminalization and Medical Marijuana Bill

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam approved legislation to decriminalize cannabis possession and two others pieces of legislation to formally legalize and expand the...
virginia marijuana decriminalization bills

Virginia House and Senate Pass Marijuana Decriminalization Bills

The Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate each approved legislation to decriminalize cannabis. The House-approved bill would make...
virginia low level marijuana offenses

Virginia’s New Prosecutor Will Not Pursue Low-Level Pot Offenses

Two newly-elected Virginia prosecutors said they will not pursue low-level marijuana possession cases in their counties. Fairfax County Commonwealth’s...
virginia marijuana reform

Virginia To Take Overdue Action On Marijuana Reform In 2020

2020 could shape up to be a defining year for marijuana reform in Virginia, one of the country’s most conservative states when...
virginians want marijuana legalization

Most Virginia Residents Want Legalized Cannabis

A clear majority of Virginians think that marijuana should be legal for adult use in the state, according to a new poll...
virginia new medical marijuana laws

Three Newly Signed Laws Expand Virginia’s Medical Marijuana Program

On July 1, three medical marijuana laws entered into force in Virginia, four months after Governor Ralph Northam signed them.