Sunday, July 12, 2020
marijuana 1 to 3 act

‘Marijuana 1-to-3’ Act Would Federally Reschedule Cannabis

Two separate bills have been filed in Congress which would reschedule marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III under the Controlled Substances...
Marijuana Research

Obama Lifts Rules Blocking Marijuana Research

The Obama administration announced in August that it would lift a critical barrier to marijuana research in the United States. The move could eventually...
States likely to legalize marijuana 2019

States Most Likely To Legalize In 2019

The year 2018 saw significant victories for advocates of marijuana legalization. For example, voters in Utah and Missouri approved medical cannabis initiatives,...
trump spokesman marijuana kept illegal

Trump Campaign Spokesman Says Marijuana Must Be ‘Kept Illegal’

One of President Trump’s top re-election campaign officials said the administration intends to keep cannabis illegal, as well as other currently illicit...
Bill Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act

New Bipartisan Bill Would End Federal Prohibition Of Marijuana

A new milestone bill, brought forward by a bipartisan coalition on March 7, 2019, would remove cannabis from the federal controlled substances...
cannabis research blocked trump administration

Cannabis Research Secretly Blocked By Trump Administration, Memo Reveals

The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) released a previously undisclosed memo which sheds light on why the Drug Enforcement Agency...
Michigan AG seeking changes recreational marijuana law

Michigan AG Seeking To Tweak Recreational Marijuana Law

Michigan's attorney general has convened a workgroup to look into potential changes and clarifications regarding the state's recreational marijuana law.
New York City fire in grow house

NYC Busts Marijuana Grow

Authorities in New York City busted what they described as a massive marijuana grow in early October. The raid Oct. 3 uncovered a pot farm...
trump support state level legalization

President Trump Reiterates Support For State-Level Marijuana Legalization

The Trump administration will not stand in the way of states setting their own marijuana policies, according to the president's most recent...
state level marijuana legalization reduces black market demand

DEA Acknowledges State-Level Marijuana Legalization Decreases Black Market Demand

A recent Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) report to Congress acknowledges that state-legal marijuana industries led to a reduction in activity of illicit...