New Poll Shows Majority Of Iowans Support Marijuana Legalization

A new poll found majority support for adult-use marijuana legalization in Iowa for the first time. Des Moines Register and Mediacom report that 53 percent of respondents to a survey carried out by the pollsters Selzer & Co. favored statewide legalization for recreational use. Forty-one percent said they opposed legalization, [...]

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Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Vetoes Expansion Of Medical Marijuana Law

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is not ready to sign changes to the state’s medical marijuana program into law just yet. Gov. Reynolds vetoed those changes Friday in a letter, saying “if approved, it would drastically expand Iowa’s medical CBD program far beyond its original scope of CBD-based treatments and could [...]

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Iowa State Appeals Ruling on Marijuana T-Shirt Logo

Iowa State University officials are appealing a ruling by a federal judge who said they violated the First Amendment when they barred a group of pro-cannabis students from using the school's logo on T-shirts. The university's lawyers, who also represent President Steven Leath and three other administrators, are appealing a [...]

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What Do Iowa and New Hampshire Mean for MJ?

The Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary are over, and the results are in: New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump holds the Republican lead, barely, while Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has pulled ahead on the Democratic side - for now. But what does all this mean for marijuana [...]

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Iowa Cop: If You Play Frisbee Golf, You Smoke Weed

How’s this for police chutzpa? A cop in Pennsylvania tried to search an innocent man for marijuana on the grounds that everyone who play Frisbee golf also smokes weed. A suspicious motorist turned on the camera when he was approached by a police officer near his parked car in Ankeny, [...]

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Iowa Patient Gets Probation

An Iowa judge sentenced a medical marijuana patient to probation in early September, sparing the man a possible 15-year prison sentence. Judge Henry Latham sentenced Benton Mackenzie, 48, to three years of probation so he can continue to receive medical care for his cancer. Mackenzie has angiosarcoma, a rare cancer [...]

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MMJ Nowhere Near Ready in Iowa

Medical marijuana is still a long way from reality in some states that have legalized it, especially Iowa, where a form of non-intoxicating cannabis is months if not years from reaching patients. “I feel like it's still light years away,” said Sally Gaer, the West Des Moines mother who helped [...]

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Iowa Couple Arrested on Weed Charges

Officials in Iowa, the state that recently convicted Benton MacKenzie and his family for growing medical weed, have made another questionable marijuana bust. This time, a couple in Jasper County were arrested and charged with possession of 42 grams of pot, possession with intent to manufacture, and possession of paraphernalia. [...]

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Iowa Patient Convicted for Growing Medical Pot

An Iowa man dying of cancer and his wife were convicted in July of felonies for growing weed at home to treat his disease. And the judge who oversaw the case refused to let the couple tell the jury the pot was used for medical purposes. “The fact that he [...]

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