It Just Got a Lot Easier to Access Medical Marijuana in Louisiana

Three new laws to expand medical marijuana access for qualifying patients in Louisiana went into effect on August 1, 2020. The main measure, House Bill 819, removes restrictions on which doctors can recommend medical marijuana and on which conditions qualify for medical marijuana treatment. Now, all registered physicians can recommend [...]

2020-08-17T02:12:53-07:00August 17, 2020|

Louisiana Expanding Medical Marijuana Access Under New Law

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards signed a bill into law that will significantly expand access to the state’s medical marijuana program. The bill removes restrictions on which doctors are qualified to recommend medical cannabis and allows them to recommend the treatment for any condition the physician “considers debilitating to an [...]

2020-06-26T04:25:28-07:00June 27, 2020|

Three Marijuana Reform Bill Advance In Louisiana

Louisiana lawmakers have been quietly busy advancing three pieces of legislation concerning expanded medical cannabis access, protected marijuana banking services and the establishment of a taskforce to ascertain cannabis industry employment needs. The Senate voted 28-6 for a bill that would allow physicians to recommend medical marijuana to treat any [...]

2020-06-03T03:53:07-07:00June 3, 2020|

Louisiana Patients Finally Get Access To Medical Marijuana

Louisiana has become the first state in the Deep South to open medical marijuana dispensaries. Four years since state lawmakers voted in favor of therapeutic cannabis, registered pharmacies started dispensing marijuana products to patients across the state last week. On Thursday, August 1, Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain announced that following [...]

2019-08-30T08:17:45-07:00August 12, 2019|

Louisiana Patients Demand Medical Cannabis Access By May 15

Louisiana patients and pharmacists permitted to dispense medical marijuana set a deadline of May 15, 2019, at the end of March to state regulators to ensure that medicinal cannabis finally becomes available. The move comes four years since legislation was passed in the state allowing the use of medical marijuana [...]

2019-04-08T01:22:04-07:00April 7, 2019|

Patients In Louisiana Growing Frustrated Over Continued Medical Marijuana Delay

Louisiana patients seeking medical marijuana for their conditions received updates last week on the lengthy regulatory and testing process, but little indication as to when it will become available. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry hosted a public meeting with state-sanctioned growers, universities overseeing marijuana production facilities, and other [...]

2019-02-18T10:24:23-07:00February 24, 2019|

What To Expect From Medical Marijuana in Louisiana In 2019

The complicated history of medical marijuana in Louisiana is about to reach a new milestone, as the state’s first crop, which was harvested in October 2018, may reach patients in early 2019. Bureaucratic delays in establishing a scientifically sound growing and testing program have kept medical marijuana from being a [...]

2018-12-13T01:44:15-07:00December 6, 2018|

Further Delays for Medical Marijuana Roll-Out in Louisiana

Three years after medical marijuana was legalized in Louisiana, implementation has yet to be realized, even though November 2018 was a stated goal. The Louisiana Department of Public Health has listed some of the key steps taken toward implementation since Act 261 was passed in 2015. For example, “agriculture centers [...]

2018-11-05T03:10:14-07:00November 7, 2018|
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