New Bill Could Legalize Medical Marijuana in North Carolina

In March, the North Carolina House of Representatives filed legislation that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. The proposal, House Bill 401, lays foundations for the Medical Cannabis Act, aimed at protecting registered patients with “debilitating medical conditions, and their physicians and caregivers, from arrest and prosecution." The act, [...]

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Marijuana Activist Charged with Giving MJ to Child

A North Carolina man who advocates for medical marijuana was charged in March with giving the drug to his child. Monroe Gordan Piland III, 69, is a former doctor who promotes medicinal cannabis as an "essential nutrient" for good health. Police say he gave marijuana to his child mixed with [...]

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MMJ Dies in North Carolina, for Now

Real medical marijuana won’t be available in North Carolina anytime soon. A state legislative committee unanimously rejected a medicinal cannabis proposal in late March, ending hopes that patients will have access to the drug this year. Still, supporters said they saw signs for hope in the setback. “I've been working [...]

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Another State Adopts CBD Oil

Another state will now allow sick patients to use a non-intoxicating form of marijuana. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill July 3 that legalizes so-called CBD oil, a medication used primarily to treat children with severe epilepsy. McCrory signed the legislation into law during a special ceremony, saying [...]

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