Marijuana Legalization Could Be On The Ohio Ballot In 2020

Cannabis reform activists in Ohio want to put an adult-use marijuana legalization proposal on the ballot this November. If approved by voters, the constitutional amendment would allow individuals 21 and older to possess and buy up to an ounce of marijuana from licensed retailers beginning July 2021. The measure would [...]

2020-03-03T06:43:47-07:00March 5, 2020|

Will Interstate Marijuana Trafficking Be A Problem For Indiana?

With Indiana holding firm on marijuana prohibition while its neighboring states enact reforms, the Midwest could be heading for a showdown between legal and black cannabis markets. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) signed the state's recreational marijuana bill into law at the end of last month, meaning that legal cannabis [...]

2019-07-15T05:41:35-07:00July 16, 2019|

Ohio Medical Marijuana Sales Are Finally Underway

After nearly a two-and-a-half year wait and a four month delay, Ohio residents are finally able to legally purchase medical marijuana. Ohio legalized the sale of medical marijuana in June of 2016 with the provision that the program must be operational within two years. However, it has taken nearly three-and-a-half [...]

2019-02-01T03:44:47-07:00February 8, 2019|

Ohio Could Get Medical Marijuana Soon

Less than a year after marijuana reform suffered a stinging defeat in Ohio, lawmakers have unveiled a plan to legalize the drug as medicine by 2018. Legislation was introduced in April that would allow patients aged 18 and up to buy, possess, and use marijuana with a doctor's recommendation. If [...]

2018-09-12T10:59:06-07:00May 10, 2016|

24 States Considering Legalization This Year

More than 20 states could vote to legalize marijuana in November, according to recent news reports. That means 2016 could be the biggest year yet for cannabis reform. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that elections officials in 19 states have already received petitions to legalize the drug for recreation or [...]

2018-09-12T10:59:51-07:00February 28, 2016|

Cops Nab a Ton of Marijuana in Ohio

Police in Columbus, Ohio, seized more than a ton of marijuana after an investigation into drug trafficking between Arizona and Ohio. The cannabis, worth an estimated $1.3 million, was seized in early February. Four people were arrested by federal agents and face cannabis trafficking charges. Weapons charges are also possible. [...]

2018-09-12T11:04:07-07:00February 7, 2016|

Medical Marijuana Push Underway in Ohio

A recent attempt to legalize marijuana for any use in Ohio met with utter failure. But that doesn't mean advocates are giving up. In fact, a large national lobbying group has joined an effort to put medical cannabis on the statewide ballot in November. The Marijuana Policy Project announced in [...]

2018-09-12T11:04:07-07:00January 27, 2016|