New Data Suggests Legalization Not Linked to Increases in Vehicle-Pedestrial Fatalities

Marijuana legalization, whether medical or recreational, is not associated with an increase in traffic fatalities concerning pedestrians, according to new research. The researchers behind the study, published in the journal Traffic Injury Prevention, investigated the relationship between marijuana legalization and fatal vehicle and pedestrian-involved crashes using data from the Fatality [...]

2020-09-24T03:28:26-07:00September 24, 2020|

House Votes To Protect Legal States Against Federal Interference

The House of Representatives approved an amendment to a defense spending bill that would protect marijuana businesses operating legally under state, territory, or tribal law from federal interference. The amendment, passed in a 254-163 vote, would prohibit the Department of Justice (DoJ) from using taxpayer funds to enforce federal marijuana [...]

2020-08-11T02:17:22-07:00August 11, 2020|

Oregon Senate Votes To Temporarily Limit Cannabis Production

The Senate in Oregon voted in favor of a bill that would limit the supply of cannabis in the state. In a 18-10 vote, lawmakers approved a 2-year temporary freeze on marijuana production. The bill now heads to the House for consideration. The legislation would not only keep the production [...]

2019-05-13T09:02:25-07:00May 13, 2019|

Recreational Marijuana Legalization Has No Impact on Alcohol Sales, Trade Association Finds

Sales of alcohol have not been affected in the three states – Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State – that have the longest-established legal recreational marijuana markets, according to a new study by an alcohol trade association. The Distilled Spirits Council used state-level alcohol tax receipts and actual alcohol shipment data [...]

2019-01-22T08:05:51-07:00January 22, 2019|

Oregon May Soon Export Cannabis To Other States

Provided that a new bill drafted for debate in 2019 passes the Oregon state legislature and is signed by the Governor, Oregon could soon be exporting its excess cannabis to other U.S. States. According to The Statesman Journal, a cannabis business alliance is working with state lawmakers to move the [...]

2019-01-25T01:47:14-07:00January 13, 2019|

How Cannabis Delivery Differs Between California and Oregon

In California, the marijuana delivery business is doing well, while in Oregon the picture is not as promising. This difference can be attributed to several factors, including the constantly changing patchwork of state and local laws, customer habits, and urban geography. Deliveries in California allow cannabis access in remote places [...]

2018-10-16T03:23:18-07:00October 23, 2018|

How Legalization Has Caused Problems for Patients in Oregon

Oregon legalized medical cannabis in 1998. Under the medical program, patients could grow their own or allow a grower to do it for them. After that, Oregon’s voters twice voted down initiatives to allow retail sales of medical marijuana. The state’s medical marijuana program was structured to value patient care [...]

2018-10-15T07:31:48-07:00October 17, 2018|

Push To Legalize Cannabis Consumption Spaces Underway In Oregon

Bars that serve alcohol are common in Oregon, but public places for the consumption of marijuana remain illegal. This may change, however, as at least one state legislator, Lew Frederick, has announced that he intends to allow for cannabis cafes both at dispensaries and as separate establishments. The proposed legislation [...]

2018-10-13T03:55:39-07:00October 15, 2018|
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