Vermont Set to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Sales

Vermont is inching closer towards a legal adult-use marijuana market, two years after the state legalized possession and cultivation of the plant for personal use. Within the past year, both legislative chambers approved their version of a marijuana sales bill – SB 54 – which led to the establishment of [...]

2020-09-29T07:13:26-07:00September 29, 2020|

House Votes To Protect Legal States Against Federal Interference

The House of Representatives approved an amendment to a defense spending bill that would protect marijuana businesses operating legally under state, territory, or tribal law from federal interference. The amendment, passed in a 254-163 vote, would prohibit the Department of Justice (DoJ) from using taxpayer funds to enforce federal marijuana [...]

2020-08-11T02:17:22-07:00August 11, 2020|

Vermont Senate Votes To Double Marijuana Possession And Cultivation Limits

Vermont senators approved a bill that would double decriminalized marijuana possession and cultivation limits, and establish automatic expungements of low-level cannabis offenses. In 2018, the Vermont legislature legalized marijuana possession up to one ounce and permitted the cultivation of up to two plants without fear of criminal charges. But if [...]

2020-06-22T06:05:38-07:00June 22, 2020|

Vermont Senate Panel Approves Retail Marijuana Bill

A regulated retail cannabis market may be coming to Vermont under legislation approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. Possession, cultivation, and consumption of marijuana for adults 21 and older has been legal in the state since last year, but there is currently no legal framework in place for [...]

2019-02-20T09:27:51-07:00February 26, 2019|

Vermont AG Rules It Illegal for Businesses to Gift Marijuana

On July 23, the attorney general of Vermont issued an advisory that it is illegal to give marijuana as part of a commercial transaction. The advisory concerns the state’s recently enacted adult-use law and does not apply to medical marijuana. T.J. Donovan, a Democrat, was first elected as attorney general [...]

2018-09-19T07:02:58-07:00August 21, 2018|
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