West Virginia Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Banking Bill into Law

West Virginia's medical marijuana program is now open to bidding for financial institutions to provide banking services after Gov. Jim Justice signed the medical marijuana banking bill into law at the end of March. House Bill 2538 ensures that businesses adhere to federal law while managing the fees, penalties, and [...]

2019-04-26T08:29:50-07:00April 27, 2019|

Marijuana Legalization Bills Already In Motion In Five Red States

When political candidates propose new platform ideas and win, other politicians notice, and in the wake of Democratic victories in 2018 by candidates backing marijuana reform, legalization bills are appearing in red state legislatures. One sign of a recent significant shift toward nationwide marijuana law reform is that last November, [...]

2019-01-21T03:30:51-07:00January 16, 2019|

West Virginia Lawmakers Could Vote On Legal Marijuana In 2019

At the end of 2018, Delegate Shawn Fluharty (D-WV) proposed a novel reason to legalize adult use in West Virginia, where he was instrumental in securing passage of a medical cannabis bill in 2017. He said: “West Virginia coal will power cannabis. Legalization will put our workers back to work--not [...]

2019-01-14T04:34:41-07:00January 11, 2019|

Medical Marijuana Still Not Available in West Virginia

In West Virginia, medical marijuana has not yet reached the market, even though it was legalized in 2017. Although programs have been successful in many other states, banking issues have so far prevented implementation of a medical program in West Virginia. Federal prosecutors in the state have stated that because [...]

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