New Mexico Judge Rules Incarcerated Patients Have A Right to Use Medical Marijuana

A New Mexico judge ruled a detention center in Albuquerque cannot penalize qualifying medical marijuana patients for accessing cannabis while incarcerated. District Court Judge Lucy Solimon’s ruling concerns the case of Joe Montaño, who recently served a 90-day sentence in home confinement. During his incarceration, correctional officers found him in [...]

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After Legalization, Why Is Cannabis Still Illegal in New Jersey?

When New Jersey voters resoundingly approved an Election Day ballot proposal to legalize adult-use marijuana, they did so on the understanding the constitutional amendment would take effect on January 1, 2021. That hasn’t happened. In the two months since the vote to legalize, New Jersey lawmakers have been unable to [...]

2021-01-11T05:33:48-07:00January 11, 2021|

Marijuana Legalization Bill Filed in Maryland Ahead of 2021 Session

A Maryland House of Delegates lawmaker prefiled a marijuana legalization bill for consideration in the 2021 legislation beginning January 13. Del. Jazz Lewis (D) submitted the draft legislation – HB0032 – which would legalize and regulate marijuana sales through state-licensed businesses, expunge prior cannabis-related convictions and set up a social [...]

2021-01-05T09:13:40-07:00January 5, 2021|

South Dakota Cops Using Public Funds in Attempt to Halt Legalization

Top South Dakota law enforcement officials have filed a lawsuit using state funds to void the result of a voter-approved ballot initiative to legalize adult-use marijuana. The marijuana legalization measure – Constitutional Amendment A – received 54 percent of the vote and was one of two cannabis-related proposals approved by [...]

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Seven in Ten Americans Support Expunging Past Cannabis Convictions, Poll Finds

A supermajority of Americans support expungement of marijuana-related criminal records, according to a new YouGov survey. The pollsters asked 7,141 adults if they “support or oppose expunging marijuana-related convictions for non-violent offenders?” Seven in ten of respondents favor the move, while 46 percent said they strongly support doing so. This [...]

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